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Nov 24, 15

For the defense of the spaces of Organization and Communication

From Regeneracion Radio

translated by It’s Going Down

Mexican reality shows us that everyday life is becoming increasingly violent, more bloody, has been disrupted at the most intimate levels of people.

Living in Mexico means living in a difficult context to explain, but some discussion of recent events of years and months continue to hurt us today that includes: attacks on the normalistas Ayotzinapa of that September 26;  the death threats against members of Autonomous Subversiones Communication Agency;  interference to radio frequency Ke Huelga Radio;  the raid on the home of a member of the organization SONS Mexico;  the two raids on members of the media Desinformémonos;  and the arrest of Cesar Leon free medium The Other Oaxaca;  and of course that September 21: the attack on Radio regeneration.

From September 21 until today, do not allow the full exercise of freedom of expression and the right to communication.  More than two months regeneration Radio was working in exile, today we are aware that this place of exile will just outside the rectory building of the National Autonomous University of Mexico by way of a radio sit indefinitely, the which will be installed on 25 November at 12 hours and 15 hours a rally, just as he will participate in the collective transmission “We want to free the free media” will be held.

According to the third quarterly report “epidemic of fear to communicate” by the organization ARTICLE 19 Mexico in 2015 they documented 303 attacks on the press.

Universities take a central role in the creation and training of researchers in all its aspects;  the wonderful training of social scientists for the prevention and eradication of problems that afflict societies.  It seems that work in classrooms seeks only to create intellectual journals aside practice in new ways.  So clearly we look at the criminalization of organizational spaces that are developing within the study centers.

Under the first mentioned events and data from research we express our keen interest in the defense of the spaces of organization and communication showing the realities of Mexico below, those who are in and out of schools.

After the attack of September 21, officials of attempted murder, destruction, theft and looting of the radio booth still freely wandering in the halls of CCH-Vallejo with impunity.

From this action we demand:

1. That accountable those who attempted to assassinate our colleague.

2. To be accountable to those who attacked, destroyed and looted our space.

3. That safety conditions are guaranteed to exercise our communication efforts in the CCH-Vallejo, a place where our cabin.

So, we ask for your support and solidarity to individuals, groups and organizations as we seek organization and autonomous, fair and democratic process, those who are fighting from their spaces inside and outside the university.  We ask for your presence and support in this fight.  We ask you to participate in this action to highlight their problems, to get to know through the waves of free media.

 In defense of the areas of organization and communication!

 We want to free media free!

 In exile since Rectory

 Regeneration Radio

 Communication Against Power

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