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Aug 14, 17

Demand CSU Stanislaus Expel Neo-Nazi & Central Unite the Right Organizer Nathan Damigo

On Friday, August 11th, over 500 neo-Nazis savagely attacked and beat a group of young students and community members at the University of Virginia. The neo-Nazis had gathered for a night time march before the now infamous “Unite the Right” rally that resulted in the death of 32 year old Heather Heyer and injured close to 20 people.

Throwing up neo-Nazi salutes and screaming out “nigger!,” the fascists attacked and beat youth as young as 17 years old in a group numbering about 20. The white supremacists hit them with torches and punched them with fists, beating several of them savagely. In the crowd were neo-Nazi leaders like Richard Spencer, as well as the group Vanguard America, of which the suspected killer of Heather Heyer belonged to.

Nathan Damigo on right, clashes with police at Unite the Right.

In the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally, leaked discussions between neo-Nazi organizers revealed that participants and leaders were glorifying the death of Heather Heyer and also calling for even more violence and bloodshed.

Richard Spencer stands next to Nathan Damigo, a CSU Stanislaus student who Spencer claims was a key organizer in ‘Unite the Right.’

Nathan Damigo, the neo-Nazi leader of Identity Evropa was also there, and pictures of his ‘troops’ have now gone viral across the internet proudly wearing their logo. Several days later, Nathan Damigo appeared right next to Richard Spencer for a press conference about Unite the Right. Richard Spencer was also clear about Nathan’s role in the deadly ‘Unite the Right’ rally where members of the Alt-Right flew swastika flags, gave Hitler salutes, and screamed out racial slurs. Furthermore, Nathan Damigo was arrested on misdemeanor charges in Charlottesville along with several other white supremacists.

In an article on KQED, Spencer stated that Nathan was instrumental in the organizing of Unite the Right:

“I’d love to take credit for it [Unite the Right], but it was more Nathan.”

Back in April, Nathan Damigo first came into the public spotlight for punching a female protester at a demonstration attended by neo-Nazis in Berkeley. After punching the woman twice, Damigo quickly ran back into the crowd. The video went viral online and spawned an outcry and protests to have Nathan expelled from CSU Stanislaus.

Neo-Nazi wears a shirt with the Identity Evropa logo on it – the same logo that Damigo has been spreading across the CSU Stanislaus campus.

In the face of calls to have Damigo removed however, the University administration simply stated the Berkeley police were looking into his conduct and that they would differ to them. Charges were never filed against Damigo – despite the evidence. The University administration also denied over and over again that Damigo, over the course of several months, had been flooding the campus with Identity Evropa stickers and posters; a violation of university policy. When confronted about reoccurring white supremacist stickers and posters, University officials claimed that there were none. Students however, openly talked about ripping them down and also seeing white supremacist literature circulating on campus. Whether in denial, covering for him, or simply wanting to avoid the spotlight, CSU Stanislaus did nothing and the problem only continued to grow. Now someone is dead.

Richard Spencer stands next to Nathan Damigo of CSU Stanislaus to discuss Unite the Right on Monday, August 14th.

But in light of recent events, there can be only one course of action: CSU Stanislaus must expel Damigo, now.

To keep him on campus after two violent incidents only poses a threat to all students of color and all those who do not fit into the fascist white ethno-state’s version of a totalitarian society. Furthermore, because of CSU Stanislaus’ blatant lies and inability to admit that Nathan Damigo is openly organizing on the campus, they have only given him more agency and cover to continue planning such violent neo-Nazi events like Unite the Right. This must stop, now.

White supremacist stickers of the neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa placed up at CSU Stanislaus by Nathan Damigo. University officials deny that Damigo is doing such things. This photo comes directly from the Identity Evropa twitter feed.

Call and demand that Nathan Damigo be expelled. He is a violent threat to all students and the surrounding community and must be kicked out now!

Call In and Demand: 

Office of the President, Dr. Ellen Junn: (209) 667-3201

Email: President [at]


“Nathan Damigo must be expelled, now. For months he has put up white supremacist stickers and posters which you have denied. This is unacceptable and you have given him a safe place to organize his neo-Nazi agenda from. Back in April, he attacked a woman at a protest and you did nothing but play lip service to diversity. 

Now, Nathan Damigo has been shown to be one of the key organizers of the ‘Unite the Right’ neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA. This rally led to the murder of a 32 year old woman and injured many more. Nathan also participated in a planned neo-Nazi attack on young people the night before. Some of these youth were as young as 17 years old and were attacked with torches and called racial slurs, while members of Damigo’s group gave Hitler salutes. 

The longer that Nathan Damigo stays on your campus the more unsafe it makes the entire school and surrounding community. Remove him now!”

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