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Jun 23, 15

Denver Anarchist Black Cross 2014 Year End Report Out Now!

Friends, Comrades,

You have in your hands the 2014 Year-End Report back for the Denver Anarchist Black Cross. A formidable volume, yes? For us, this represents a year of hard work, ups and downs; a hard, quantified record of what we do every day in constant struggle with the State and it’s horrifying prison system, all while juggling our personal lives. These tribulations are a reason why it has taken so long to get this report into your hands in June of 2015. Embarrassing as this is, it is because of the immense amount of work being done this year by DABC in conjunction with all of the other radical organizing in Denver at this time that we have been unable to get this to you until now. This, as you all are aware is the nature of the struggle. The police will not stop murdering people, and we will never stop fighting back!

Ok back to it. This report is largely at the request of prisoners we support, to remain accountable and transparent to the people the State has done their best to isolate from us. It is also for the larger anarchist and prison abolition community outside the walls.

Over the course of the last year, and the first month of 2015, we have seen long-imprisoned comrades finally set free (people like Sekou Kambui, the three remaining members of the Cuban 5, Eric McDavid, and the Tinley Park 5). We have spent valuable time and effort with comrades in and out of prison all over the country, despite the ugly mark of internal conflict occasionally cropping up. We have also born witness to further State violence and repression- the highly suspicious death of Phil Africa, or Bill Dunne’s recent 15-year parole hit for “anarchist connections” standing as prime examples of the State’s unending cruelty and hatred. It is clear that the State will never stop trying to crush us, grind us down, kill our spirit and our commitment. They won’t.

We, the seven or so members of the Denver Anarchist Black Cross, invite you to hold us to the highest possible standard. Read what we’ve done, what we’ve seen this past year, the good and bad, and judge for yourselves. We hope that despite our setbacks, despite harsh repression from the State, that you can glean some hope and inspiration from this document. We have tried to truly and accurately represent the hard numbers, dates and dollar amounts for stipends and donations, as well as re-publish various reportbacks and pictures from actions we have organized or participated in this last year. Though some specific dates are a bit foggy in our memories, the vast majority of them are accurate. If there is anything we may have forgotten, we apologize in advance.

So, here we are, winter snow on the ground or summer storms above us and the ever-present mountains to the west. As the prisons take in more and more people in a concerted effort to wipe the poor, people of color, and all struggle off the streets, we, whether behind bars or outside of them, will continue to fight. While the police try to kill or cuff every queer, every anarchist, every dissenter, we will be fighting for our own lives and dignity, as well as the lives of our friends and comrades. Wherever we may end up in the coming year, we are, we will be,

In Solidarity and Struggle,
Denver Anarchist Black Cross

DOWNLOAD 2014 Year in Review HERE!

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