We took the opportunity to get an early start on actions for the week of solidarity from April 1-7 with those facing repression. We did 15+ anti-Trump and anti-police pieces around the city, including reclaiming a bus stop ad, as an act of revolutionary solidarity with those facing repression for disputing the inauguration in DC on January 20th and all others who have recently come under fire for taking an active part in the fight against the rising tide of fascism! We didn’t get many photos of our work unfortunately but here are three of our personal favorites:

Acts such as these are easy to reproduce so grab some markers and spray cans and a few friends and go out and have some fun!

In revolutionary solidarity with all those that choose to be UNGOVERNABLE!

– some anarchists

P.S. Those bus stop ads are incredibly easy to get into just using a pair of pliers! Just unscrew the bolts, flip the advertisement poster around, tag the back with your message, maybe slap a few posters on there, put it back in and close that shit back up!

Have fun out there and stay dangerous and free!

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