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Sep 9, 16

Denver: Complimentary Redecorating of Local & National Prison Profiteers

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Today being the kick off of the National Prison Strike, some anarchists in Denver thought they might start the day with complimentary redecorating services for both local and national prison profiteers. Here in Denver there is a rapid gentrification process that has been underway for the past several years. It is not uncommon to walk down the street and see a house one day only to walk down the same street a few days later and see it has been flipped, or worse, scraped. Well, why leave all that HGTV fun to the yuppies and Prius driving Hillary voters? Remodeling a bathroom can be invigorating for any space!

Crisscrossing the town with Holman in our hearts, we set out to local prison profiteers, Marzcyk’s Fine Foods shop in the City Park neighborhood. Marzcyk’s sells Haystack Farms goat cheeses for anywhere from $6-12 each. Haystack Farms uses prison labor from prisoners in partnership with Colorado Correctional Industries, a division of the Colorado Department of Corrections. When Haystack was asked to comment on their use of prisoners labor they said that they felt prisoners actually made quite a nice wage considering that they were also provided free room and board as part of the deal! Well, fuck you Haystack. Fuck you Marzcyk’s. We all fucking see you.


Our trek across town then led us to nationally beloved prison profiteers and pumpkin spice latte slingers, Starbucks. In fact, our trek led us to about seven Starbucks across the downtown area. Starbucks has been known to use prison labor to manufacture cups, cup sleeves and more. We think your bathrooms now look much more reflective of the type of vibe you want to put out there to your guests, Starbucks. Have a latte and get a cute little steamer for that toddler. While you change their diaper how about you remember that some babies don’t have parents because prison fucking stole them.

ps2016We recognize these are small gestures. They are small reminders that a rebellion is brewing. The fires are lit in prisons across these so-called United States today and we hope to continue fanning them until the walls succumb to the flames.

Fire to the prisons! Until all are free!

some DNVR anarchists

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