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Sep 18, 15

Denver Home Demo Targets DA Mitch Morrissey

From Denver Autonomous Action Network


On Thursday September 17th, some folks visited the home of Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey in direct response to the DA’s decision not to file charges against Michael Traudt, the Denver police officer who murdered Paul Castaway on July 12th of this year.  This past Monday, Morrissey’s office released a video of the shooting as well as a rambling statement (contradicted by the video) in which he blames Castaway for his own death.

Around 7:45pm we arrived at the Morrissey residence and began projecting onto his home the names of people who have been murdered or brutalized by law enforcement in Denver.


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We also projected Denver police officer Michael Traudt, Paul Castaway’s murderer, to show what he actually looks like on the inside.




Paul Castaway was a member of Denver’s native community. Colorado AIM came out tonight to protest the DA’s decision not to indict the officers and to honor Paul’s memory.



We noticed Mitch Morrissey looking out his window and talking on the phone and we wondered if he was calling the police to come and deal with us.

The video of Paul Castaway being gunned down is heartbreaking to watch. It directly shows the lies and excuses made by police to cover up their complete disregard for his life. We played it a few times onto Mitch Morrissey’s house to display for the neighborhood the injustice perpetuated by this district attorney in his refusal to indict police.

Justice for Paul.



Leaving Mitch’s house as the police arrived about half an hour later, we left some messages behind in chalk.


We will likely be protesting at Mitch Morrissey’s house again in the future (as long as he continues to cover up for and protect lying, murderous cops) and we might announce it publicly next time, or we might not.

RIP Paul Castaway. Love & solidarity to the Castaway family, Colorado AIM, Black Lives Matter, and everyone else resisting police terror in Denver and around the world.

Until next time Mitch.

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