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Jul 31, 20

Denver, CO: Far-Right ‘Back the Blue’ Rally Featuring Racist “Groyper” Leader Shut Down

Report back from recent mobilization against far-Right ‘Back the Blue’ rally featuring racist “Groyper” leader, Michelle Malkin.

July 19th, 2020 in Denver, Colorado, Michelle Malkin, a leader within the white nationalist “Groyper” movement, along with tag alongs, and other bootlicker organizers decided a “Back the Blue” event would be the tactful thing to do while the entire country is in the middle of rebellion demanding police stop murdering Black folks. A counter-protest was organized on short notice but Denver and surrounding cities definitely showed up.

At 2pm antifascists gathered at the steps of the capitol lawn. After a few brief speeches by organizers the people began to march into the streets. The march ended up at the amphitheater just a short distance from the capitol building. In the amphitheater, ‘thin blue line’ flags, Trump flags, and a large crowd of bootlickers could be seen. Antifascists entered the amphitheater chanting racists go home. It quickly became obvious antifascists outnumbered bootlickers as they overwhelmed the space 200 deep.

Community members armed with noise makers drowned out any attempts by racists to continue their Back the Blue celebration. Bootlickers began to go home as antiracists had so kindly requested. However several decided to begin hitting antifascists with umbrellas, flag poles, and fists. One woman even attempted to stab anti-police demonstrators several times while another brandished a hammer. Community members were able to defend themselves and one another against the armed violent white supremacists. The scene begged the question: why do these racists think they can just assault folks and not have their entire asses handed to them?

Not all the chuds were threatening though…Fountain, CO fascist livestreamer and gamer Alex Chase Mahr decided to rear his ugly head at the rally and literally ran away upon being identified. Here’s that encounter from his point of view.

The racist Back the Blue event was quickly canceled by Colorado community members who believe Black Lives Matter and blue lives do not exist. As the event ended, Denver Police decided to mace and shoot pepper balls at demonstrators as a parting gift. Despite this assault on the community by the police, the demonstration went on to march through the streets of downtown Denver.

Michelle Malkin and her minions later cried about being covered in silly string while antifascists took full faces of mace, got right back up, and continued the battle against white supremacy.

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