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Feb 16, 18

Detroit Eviction Defense Tabloid #3

Tabloid publication for a group with the same name in Detroit, Michigan which is fighting eviction and foreclosure.

Download and Print Here

Table of Contents:

-Time to Stop Vulture Investors! Time to Organize!

-Organizing Meeting and Housing Clinic Meeting

-Daniel Murray’s Home was Destroyed by the Detroit Land Bank

-The Fall of Ferndale Housing’s Reigning Queen: Deborah Wilson

-Keep the Vultures out of the Tax Auction


About Detroit Eviction Defense:

Detroit Eviction Defense is a coalition of homeowners, union members, faith-based activists, community advocates, and allied groups united in the struggle against foreclosure and eviction. We believe that affordable housing is a human right, the foundation of a viable community. In Metro Detroit, wounded by the multiple disasters of mass unemployment, predatory lending, and blight, we call for a halt to all foreclosures of occupied homes and for principal reduction to help hard-pressed homeowners

It’s never too late to organize in defense of your home and your neighborhood, but no one should fight this fight alone. We support alternative legal strategies and non-profit finance to resist foreclosure, and we help defend families against eviction with direct and peaceful protest against banks and government agencies. Bring your issues and support to our open meetings, Thursdays at 6pm.

For meeting location and more information on what we are doing, check out the Detroit Eviction Defense website

Follow us on twitter @EvictDefense.
Contact us at [email protected]

Your group is invited to join us. We are reaching out to other community and neighborhood groups.

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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We are united in the struggle against foreclosures and evictions in Detroit, MI and beyond. Our homes must be defended. Fighting for foreclosure free zones

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