A Discussion on Autonomous Initiatives in Support of Migrants


In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we talk with two comrades who are involved in autonomous initiatives, projects, and infrastructures that are currently working to support migrants arriving in so-called Mexico.

Throughout our conversation, we discuss the self-organization and mutual aid which is happening both within the caravans themselves, but also coming from within Mexico, along the border, and from within the United States. In doing so, we cover spaces and groups working to organize aid, the infrastructure involved, as well as how people are mobilizing to bring supplies into Tijuana to directly support the caravan.

We also spend some time attacking and discussing the myth of “open border” policies before Trump, as well as the fictitious claim that the migrants are violent, comprised of “terrorists,” and are both a threat to the safety of everyday Americans and ‘their’ jobs. We also touch on the role of the far-Right on the streets of Mexico in attacking those within the caravan, whose threat of violence remains constant.

Our conversation covers a lot of ground, from what has happened since the US fired tear gas on refugees attempting to come into the United States several weeks ago, to talking about how will climate change will continue to create millions more refugees that autonomous movements must in turn address. We end by asking both a powerful and haunting question: how can autonomous movements rise to the challenge of meeting the demands of what lies in front of us, as States and non-profits turn their heads or respond simply with counter-insurgency and attempts to manage the disaster.

More Info: Commotion.World and Enclave Caracol

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