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Nov 6, 15

Displaced Indigenous Community in San Juan Begin Hunger Strike

From Subversiones

In Oaxaca, on Thursday, November 5th, 2015, members of the displaced indigenous community of Copala Triqui in the municipality of San Juan, today began a hunger strike demanding that the government fulfill the promises of return to their territory or their immediate relocation.

In 2007, the struggle for the autonomy of San Juan Copala was interrupted by the intervention of the Union of Social Welfare in the Triqui Region (UBISORT), the siege operated by PRI on community organization and finally the expulsion of about 700 Merino people in 2009. Lorena Martinez, representative of the displaced and whose husband was killed the same year, with seven year old, by the paramilitary group, explains:

“Of those who were expelled violently is because the government does not like the autonomy, there are political parties that are in government. For the same reason the government sent resources to the political parties to end the autonomy to take over the community because the government [believes] that there should be more political parties and for that reason ended the autonomy. “

Members of the community were forced to move from their territory violently. Their houses, as Lorraine said, are occupied by paramilitaries, in some cases, are neighbors. The murderer of her husband, was released in 2012 and now lives in San Juan Copala. The country, he says, contains important mineral resources.

“For that reason the government does that, break the people to take advantage there, for that reason we expelled and now the government does not see the conditions for return to the community.”

Given the constant demand for justice and return to the community, the Oaxacan government signed in 2013 an agreement for relocation remained on paper.

“The September 13, 2013 agreement with the government… forced [them] to guard the homes of the displaced and also pledged to relocate in Central Valleys short term 90 days. No private property in Oaxaca but the government looks very high price and that is why to date there have been relocated.”

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