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Apr 25, 17

#DisruptNYC: A Call for Anti-Fascist Bloc to Join March on May Day

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New York, NY — This year’s May Day demonstrations have the potential to be a rallying cry for the wider anti-authoritarian left, with calls circulating for strikes and mass demonstrations that build on the momentum from events like the International Women’s Strike and the Day Without Immigrants. May Day represents an opportunity to generalize these various struggles and to build new bonds of solidarity amongst radical anti-capitalists and anti-fascists in resistance. New York City is a particularly meaningful place for actions to occur as it is Trump’s hometown and business headquarters.

Recognizing this, the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) calls on comrades in the New York City area to join us and march in solidarity with immigrants and workers this May Day.

About the March

The march starts at Union Square and proceeds south to Foley Square. This march happens every year, sometimes with and sometimes without a permit, but always with a large police presence. This year’s march is unpermitted. We will meet at the NW corner of Union Square at 3:30 pm prior to marching. Look for the maypole.

An Anti-Fascist Bloc

We call for a massive bloc to march in support of the communities who are most vulnerable to attacks by the emboldened and growing far-right movement. We march to support their voices. As the far-right continues to organize we must counter them by engaging with and lending aid to those targeted by their hate. If cops and klan go hand in hand, we hold the hands of those whom they intend to do harm.

With other direct actions happening throughout the day the march will be a show of solidarity.




Schedule of May Day Events

9 am
Grand Central Terminal

12:30 pm
Washington Square Park
Brandworkers – 6th Annual Immigrant Worker Justice Tour #May1Strike Public

3:30 pm
Union Square
Anti-Fascist Bloc March

7 pm
Columbus Park
Noise Demo

8 pm
Mayday Festival – A Night of Anarchist Culture

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