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Jan 4, 22

Distroism Now! #2: Counter Flow Collective on Starting a Distro

Welcome to the second installment of Distroism Now! For those that thought it would never happen, our second episode features the Counter Flow Collective, a distro behind some amazing titles, who presents a discussion on how and why you should start a distro. They go over some nuts and bolts about how to get your hands on a copy machine, as well as why and how it fits into the wider anarchist project.

They also present a broad discussion on the Grindr app from a radical trans perspective, covering everything from some history of Bash Back! to looking at the app’s possible use in antifascist resistance, and beyond.

More Info: Counter Flow collective here.

photo: Pixabay

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Distroism Now! is a new monthly podcast on IGD. Each episode is hosted by a different distro.

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