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IGD accepts monetary donation via the anonymous digital currency bitcoin and and through regular Credit Card/Debit Card/PayPal. Your donation helps to keep this site running.




$20 donation for a shirt.

Shirts are in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE,  and XL. We also have several 2XL shirts left of our old design.

International orders, please pay $25 for Canada and Mexico, $30 for outside of North America. Funds raised go to cover the cost of the shirts and also help IGD grow and continue into the future. Feel free to kick us down more than $20 if you are able to help us keep expanding IGD. To order, simply hit the paypal button here.

Remember: When you donate on paypal and want to get a shirt in the note section, make sure to tell us what size you want and we have your address!

If you are part of a infoshop, want to table with shirts at an upcoming event or bookfair, work at a radical bookstore, autonomous space, are part of a band or project on tour, or you volunteer with a distribution project and want bulk orders for a cheap price – get at us! Shoot us an email at: info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org and we can work out a good price for everyone and get you the sizes and amount that you need.

Sticker Packs:

Hit the streets of your town, cover up that weak-ass Alt-Right bullshit, and help promote IGD wherever you go! Both packs come with every sticker on this page as well as a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure.

The first is the $10 WEEKEND WARRIOR pack, which features three bumper stickers, 5 medium sized stickers, and a bunch of small stickers. Order here.

The second pack is the $20 ON A MISSION pack, which features all of the stickers in the other pack, but gets you 3X the amount! Order here.

To order a pack go here and on paypal leave us a note that tells us what pack you want. Feel free to buy multiple orders!

Want to know why we fundraise and ask for money? Go here.