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Jun 14, 18

#DoxxAllYourBoys Takes Aim at Neo-Fascist Group After Their Failed Portland Rally

Ever since the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant at the hands of neo-Nazis, Portland has been at war with fascists, so they know how to handle this. Thing is the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer keep testing this town, and after the latest rally they threw the local antifa are stepping up their game.

PORTLAND, OR – Over the past week, Rose City Antifa started posting a series of articles focusing on identifying members of the Proud Boys in the wake of the that group’s involvement along with Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer with the June 3 hate rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza, the latest in several neo-Fascist rallies held by the organizations over the past year.

“Rose City Antifa, working in conjunction with allied groups in the region, has obtained information on many of the Pacific Northwest-located members of the white nationalist, alt-right group known as the Proud Boys,” a statement reads on the group’s website. “Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles detailing the Proud Boys’ specific brand of organized hate, and the individuals who make up this rising “weekend warrior” gang, in order to alert the community about the threat that this group poses. You can follow along on our website and on Twitter, using the hashtag #DoxxAllYourBoys.”

The latest rally was held near the anniversary of another that saw fights and scuffles between antifa and neo-Fascists, resulted in the detention of more than 200 people by the police for hours, a tactic known as “kettling” which led the ACLU to sue the Portland Police Bureau. It was billed as “Tiny’s Freedom March,” a going-away event for local Proud Boy Tusitala John Toese, who is reportedly moving back to American Samoa, despite reportedly having a warrant out for his arrest in Vancouver, Washington for assaulting a person accused of burglarizing a family member’s apartment. Like last year’s rally, this one also saw a series of fights with at least four persons arrested.

Curiously, Patriot Prayer, a group that is based in Washington State, made their announcement for their Portland event not long after the announcement for an anti-police brutality rally to observe the anniversary of the kettling at last year’s Patriot Prayer rally. Rose City Antifa in turn responded with a call to oppose Patriot Prayer, noting the violence the hate group engaged in over the past year at their rallies, saying, “We will not allow racists and fascists to parade through Portland’s streets, threatening activists and targeting at-risk communities. No matter how many times they try to sneak back in, this city will stand united against them.”

According to sources, the anti-police brutality rally and another, a Buddhist mediation also scheduled for that day, took place without incident with people meditating for peace and speaking about their personal interactions with a violent police force. Eventually, Patriot Prayer supporters started to show up eventually numbering at the most approximately 50 persons with Antifascist protesters numbering about 300. The neo-Fascist supporters reportedly were the ones who instigated the physical actions, with antifa pushing them back. “At one point Tiny attacked a native woman, when a Anti Fascist defender threw himself to her rescue without thought to his safety,” one person told Idavox via email. “After getting her away he was brutally set upon by Donovan Flippo (Proud Boy) and Alan Wesley Puckett (hell street shaking preacher), pushed into a corner by those two men, he was then repeatedly punched and kicked as he covered his head. Remember this man’s only crime, the reason he deserved a beating, was that he rescued a woman from being assaulted by a Proud Boy.”

Antifa’s overwhelming numbers proved to be too much for the Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys crowd, and at one time they attempted to retreat towards the police and were angry as police attempted to push them away back into the antifa group.

Of those arrested, Gregory N. Isaacson, 43, an employee of the Portland Parks and Recreation Dept., who is often seen with the Proud Boys and has argued in the past with counter-protesters at other events regarding the validity of the Holocaust, received a federal criminal citation for failure to comply with a lawful order, while Andrew Arbow, according to unconfirmed sources, repeatedly attempted to provoke antifa, and became increasingly physical until some subdued him. He was charged with 2nd degree disorderly conduct.

Founded by publisher Gavin McInnes in 2016, the Proud Boys are a neo-Fascist group that terms itself as defenders of “Western chauvinism” and has railed against persons of color, despite having some nonwhite members, Muslims, the LGBTQ community and in particular women. The group is particularly focused on engaging in political violence, even making it a requirement to engage in such to be a full member. “I cannot recommend violence enough,” McInnes once said. It’s a really effective way to solve problems.”

Over the past few years, other antifascist groups around the country have been profiling Proud Boys in their regions just as Rose City Antifa has, most notably NYC Antifa, based in the city the Proud Boys got their start. Local antifa there were successful in chasing McInnes away from an appearance at New York University in early 2017.

The Portland event proved to be an embarrassment for Patriot Prayer as well as the Proud Boys, and Toese expressed his displeasure at the push back from antifa in the event’s aftermath. “I will be leaving for the Islands, but believe me when I say I will be back,” Toese told a reporter. “We’re going to come out here with my brothers, we are going to hit Portland, and we are going to hit it hard.”

Rose City Antifa plans to have a new posting for #DoxxAllYourBoys every Wednesday.

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