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May 30, 18

#DropJ20 Podcast Update #6: Breaking Their Own Laws

Welcome back to the 6th podcast installment of updates on #DropJ20 and the #J20 trials. Starting last year, both supporters and folks on the ground in DC have collaborated with It’s Going Down to produce an exciting show about one of the most important legal political cases in modern times. If you’re just turning in and missed the first 5 episodes, be sure to check them out here.

In this episode, we are switching things up a bit. In the past we’ve stuck to a scripted format, while in this episode, we have opted for more of a discussion. And there’s a lot to talk about! There is currently a trial going on right now, and a new one is also in the midst of jury selection. And, as we state in the show several times, people have been organizing support now for over a year and half, and solidarity, especially in court is very much needed. If you can support, please do so!

But moreover, the big news is that to the surprise of no one, Kerkhofff’s team has been caught withholding evidence from the defense, in the form of deleted footage from undercover Project Veritas videos. Project Veritas is a far-Right undercover “sting” operation, that focuses on framing up activists and organizers. The group has long been discredited for their shady tactics, which blew into the mainstream last year when exposed by the Washington Post

The question remains, what impact will this breaking of the so-called ‘Brady’ rule have on the rest of the case? While already it has resulted in some charges being thrown out, it has not led to cases being dismissed. What if anything, does this new revelation mean for the coming cases? We discuss all this and more.

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