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Jun 26, 18

#DropJ20 Podcast Update #7: Dismissals In the Sun

The #DropJ20 Podcast returns with a mix of updates from court, news on upcoming trials, and lots of information from inside the proceedings themselves that you won’t hear anywhere else.

A lot has gone down since our last update. The last trial ended with a mix of mistrials and acquittals, as other people’s charges were thrown out completely. Hearings on these dismissed charges happen in mid-July, as the government is still trying to appeal some of the rulings that led to these dismissals. The next trial will begin on July 23rd and we’ll hear more on how this trial will be proceeding on July 13th. Solidarity with those facing charges is still very much needed, so if you can come out to DC, please do so.

This podcast also dives into why the dismissals “with prejudice” actually matter, theories of liability, a theoretical discussion on conspiracy, crime, and if Kerkhoff’s career is in danger as the J20 trial breaks down, and thoughts on how to best support defendants.

More Info: Defend J20 on Twitter and homepage.

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