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Sep 10, 16

Durham: Prison Strike Solidarity Demo

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A crowd of about 150 folks took the streets of Durham last night in solidarity with prisoners striking across the US.  The march paused in front of McDonald’s, where folks spoke out against all prisons and jails, condemning especially the use of prison slave labor for profit.

The crowd marched through the streets of downtown before stopping in front of the Durham County jail to shout chants of love and support to those locked up inside.  People lit sparklers and danced in the streets as prisoners waved to the crowd below, beat on the windows, and drew hearts in the air with their hands.  Then the crowd marched on toward NC Highway 147, where some folks blocked the on-ramp while others blocked the northbound lanes of traffic.

The march soon continued back past the courthouse, around the other sides of the jail, and through downtown before wrapping up in Durham Central Park with shouts of “We shut shit down!” from children and adults alike.

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