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October 11

Earth First! Journal Collective is Back After Hurricane: Please Send Support to Haiti

From Earth First!

Newswire readers,


We’re back at the office, which survived the mild storm that hit as Hurricane Matthew thankfully took a turn into the ocean and passed us by. We’d like to thank all of you who reached out to see how we were doing, and those of you threw us a couple bucks to get us plywood for the windows and other hurricane prep materials.

Matthew may have missed us, but it has killed hundreds of people in Haiti (reports say 500-800 victims so far) and over 20 people in the United States. They need our help, but please: Do not send donations to the American Red Cross! Haitians are urging people to keep their money away from the organization, which has taken money “for Haiti” in the past and spent it on themselves instead.

To help with disaster relief in Haiti, we recommend reading this Call from Haiti for Solidarity Not Charity from the Rapid Response Network and donating to Haiti Emergency Relief Fund hereIf you have other suggestions, email us at collective[at]earthfirstjournal[dot]org.

We’ll be catching up on emails, letters, news stories, merch orders, and everything else throughout the next week. Subscribers to the Journal will be getting your Fall issue late, as we were sending out magazines in the middle of this madness. Hang tight, there is a fiery cover headed your way.

For the Wild,
The EF!J Collective

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