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Apr 3, 17

Donate to Earth First! Roadshow; Sale on The Journal!

It’s about a month til the roadshow crew hits the road and we anticipate that having money for gas and other things would be very useful. We’ve been doing some in-person fundraising and have decided to try our hand at doing it digital. We even tried making a facebook to use for fundraising. It was up for one day before those assholes locked us out for not giving a copy of an id.  I guess fedbook has strengthened its resolve to work for the police. Anyways, were getting really excited to see you all out there on the road.  We hope this online fundraising goes well so we dont have to be on the computer any longer than we have to.

To donate click this link:

and please leave a note that its for the roadshow and not the Earth First! Journal.

Also you can go to our website:    and click the donation button there.

For a Limited Time, Get Four Issues of the Earth First! Journal for Just $15

Our spring issue of the Journal, Eostar 2017, is being sent out to stores and subscribers right now, and will be available to buy online shortly!

In the meantime, catch up on a full year of radical environmental news and analysis with the 2016 Magazine Bundle. The bundle is $15, and includes all four magazines released in 2016: Eostar, Litha, Mabon, and Yule. Each magazine includes reports from the front lines of environmental activism, proposals for new strategies and tactics, updates on political prisoners, guides to sabotage, art, poetry, bad jokes, insightful and snarky letters, and, of course, the biocentric, no compromise, direct action perspective that is Earth First!.

We only have so many magazines, so this offer will only be up for a limited time. Click here to order your bundle!

Unfortunately, because of shipping costs, we can only offer this bundle to folks in the US. If you’re living in another country and would like to pay for extra shipping for a bundle, contact us at collective[at] so we can figure something out!


While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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The Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical environmental movement. Published quarterly, it contains reports on direct action; articles on the preservation of wilderness and biological diversity; news and announcements about EF! and other radical environmental groups; investigative articles; critiques of the entire environmental movement; book and music reviews; essays exploring ecological theory and a sometimes-lively letters to the editor section. The Earth First! Journal is an essential forum for discussion within the Earth First! movement. It is meant to be bold, controversial, amusing and diverse in content and style. You won’t find hard-hitting news like this anywhere else.

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