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Oct 12, 21

El Comedor: Call for Support for Tijuana’s Migrant/Refugee Mutual Aid Kitchen

Call to support autonomous and self-organized mutual aid center, El Comedor, amidst a new wave of attacks on migrants along the so-called US and Mexico border.

The crisis of borders continues in the “Americas.” Xenophobic Trump era policies are still in operation stacked atop the older and fundamental necropolitical logic of the border. Those who make their way north fleeing violence find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Even many who make it across the border are deported under exceptional brutality sped along by Title 42 to places like Tijuana, even if they’ve never set foot there before. This is where Contra Viento Y Marea’s El Comedor comes in.

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, El Comedor arose out of self-organization within the refugee/migrant caravans that make their way north from Central America. They provide what they found themselves needing; hot meals, sanitation goods, a place to feel welcome, and time to collect themselves so that they can go about their journey with more care. Without El Comedor many have said they would have to take a shot at crossing the deadly border via unsound means, El Comedor gave them the resources to regroup and try less dangerous methods. Not to mention the increased need for PPE that El Comedor readily provides. El Comedor also facilitates Know Your Rights trainings and the like, everything is centered on the evolving needs of those who come through including Haitian migrants/refugees who’ve been in headlines as of late, but have been fleeing their country for the past 200 years as they continue to be punished for their revolution around 200 years ago.

The space is run by migrants/refugees themselves who don’t take a wage for their work. This being said, rent on the space still needs to be paid and they’ve asked the international community for help. Your support can go a long way and without support from people like you El Comedor would not have survived these trying years.

Stable monthly donations really help take the pressure off of El Comedor and their supporters, you can sign up to give monthly at their Patreon. If that doesn’t work there’s also a GoFundme. If you personally can’t spare the funds, consider sharing this or your own call for support amongst your friends and networks.

For more here’s an excerpt interviewing El Comedor compxs for Partisan Gardens:
You can find Contra Viento y Marea online at:

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