On Thursday, November 9th, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources plans to sell timber rights to a 300 acre section of the Yellowwood State Forest backcountry area. This forest is amongst the oldest and wildest of any in Indiana and has been subject to a 4-year study by scientists documenting the ecological value of older, undisturbed forests.

Environmental non-profits have been pushing people to call Governor Eric Holcomb for over two months. 228 scientists delivered an open letter to the governor opposing the sale. Local groups are organizing a protest at the sale itself, encouraging people to show up at 8 a.m. on Thursday. Private landowners adjacent to the threatened tracts are also setting up a long-term camp on their property. A banner was hung along a proposed logging road with the warning, “If you log it, we will come.” Despite this, the DNR plans to move forward with the sale this Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Yellowwood State Forest office.

This sale has garnered more media attention than any single timber sale in Indiana in decades. The Indianapolis Star and other major newspapers and TV station have covered it extensively, even publishing editorials exhorting the Governor to cancel the sale. In one recent article in the Star, multiple logging companies said they did not plan bid on the sale due to the public controversy. Let’s tell the rest to follow suit.

The following companies have a documented history of logging in Yellowwood State Forest. Please call them to let them know that you would be really really really sad if they logged the backcountry area, that the bad publicity is bad for business. Do not make threats! Simply tell them how you would feel if the Yellowwood backcountry area were logged. Be sure to dial *67 to keep your number private. Even calling one or two is helpful!

Hamilton Logging: 812-227-8260 or 812-863-8733
Tri-State Timber: 812-829-9999 or 812-824-2241
R. Booe and Sons: 812-835-2663
Taggart Hill: 812-988-1494
Sugar Ridge Timber: 888-683-1283
Kinser Timber Products: 812-876-4775
Crone Lumber Company: 812-342-2259

For recent media coverage, visit:

Other resources: saveyellowwood.com

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