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Oct 6, 18

Emergent Goods Autumn 2018 Update: Next Phases

Emergent Goods is an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian production and distribution project hoping to sell books, shirts, stickers, and more to build autonomous infrastructure and radical potential. See our initial announcement here and our previous major updates including our collaborations here and here.

We at Emergent Goods are taking our next steps. We have taken our fund-raiser down, because we now have enough capacity to start peddling goods and using that money for future production runs and of course to give funds to other autonomous projects. Our comrades have made a wonderful space that has enough production capacity for us to make shirts and books at. We’ve also lined up a temporary online store that will launch after our next run of production. We’re also working super rad tech-savvy folks locally to work on a more final, on point, and permanent website down the line as well as some on point social media which should actualize sometime after winter.

For questions, comments, or concerns hit us up at: emergentgoods[at]protonmail[dot]com

See you at the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair!

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