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Jun 27, 18

Emergent Goods Update: STICKERS!

Emergent Goods is an autonomous anti-capitalist and anarchist project that aims to expand shared production and distribution capabilities while also acquiring funds to aid radical projects.

Our first official run of stickers has arrived!!

These stickers will join our zines and the like in our tabling efforts as we continue to finalize our shirt deigns, coordinate production of said shirts, and work on getting our site up and running and looking sharp.

We’ve already distributed some stickers at the #OccupyICE camp (more here and here) at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma and plan to ramp up tabling efforts in general to get, most importantly get these rad stickers out there, but also to get people excited about our project and start building capacity to put out more and more rad goods and support the projects we’re in mutual relations with.

We’re very excited for what the summer holds, with the new production space we’ve linked up with in Olympia and with our first large run of stickers in our hands steadily we’re increasing our capacity to make real our radical desires.

For updates and to donate to our project you can find our fundraiser page here.

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