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Oct 28, 16

Equipment Torched, Barricades Burned in ND as #NODAPL Solidarity Protests Spread

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Solidarity actions are springing up around the country in response to the massive police raid on the “frontlines” camp in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The eviction saw hundreds of militarized police attack the encampment with armored vehicles, tasers, pepper spray, concussion grenades, LRADS, and good old fashioned bone crushing batons.


Buffalo arrive at Standing Rock during showdown with authorities.

In response warriors set up burning barricades, threw rocks, torched several large pieces of pipeline machinery and 2 security vehicles, and briefly invaded an active construction site. The Sheriff is also claiming that molotovs were thrown at police and that there were two incidents involving gunfire. At least one burning barricade was maintained through the night. While the frontlines camp has been evicted, the main encampments are still going strong and asking for supporters to join them.


Meanwhile solidarity actions are popping up around the country. As police were cracking heads on unceded Lakota territory, dozens of Sioux youth occupied Hillary Clinton’s national campaign headquarters in NYC. The youth set up a tipi in the lobby, banged on drums, and sang songs. This action was followed by 40 students in Virginia occupying another Clinton campaign office in Charlottesville, VA.


On Oct 28th, at least 100 Minneapolis high school students walked out of class to join a march protesting the Hennepin County Sherriff’s office participation in the Standing Rock eviction, and show their solidarity with the pipeline resistance.


While students were walking out in Minneapolis, Mohawk warriors followed through on their threats and shut down a major highway at the Mercier Bridge in Quebec in retaliation for the eviction.

This is just a small sampling of the solidarity actions happening around the country. Join the call put out by the frontline warriors and organize an action to shutdown a bank, a highway, a railroad, a corporate office, a politicians office… you get the idea. The time to act is now!

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