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Feb 24, 20

Eugene, OR: Report Back on Disruption of Reactionary Anti-Homeless Group

Report back on recent action against reactionary anti-homeless group, Eugene Wake Up.

In Eugene, OR, activists disrupted dinner at the restaurant of anti-homeless provocateur Steve Sheehan, a leader of the business group Eugene Wake Up. During a time of rapid gentrification, EWU claims to be ‘against crime and lawlessness’ and has used its hateful rhetoric to advocate for increased police presence and jail beds, as well as deploying private foot patrols to harass unhoused individuals.

Activists unfurled a banner reading, “Housekeys Not Handcuffs,” read a speech on housing justice, and passed out informational fliers. Staff and several patrons responded immediately by attacking protesters, ripping up signs, and making physical threats. Since the protest, Sheehan has said that he will step back from the group.

From Speech:


Because Stephen Sheehan, Owner of Elkhorn Brewery and his organization Eugene Wake Up advocates for reactionary and violent policies against our communities poor and unhoused neighbors!

The Facebook comments you see us displaying are the violent and hateful words that Eugene Wake Up allows themselves to be a platform for!

The harmful rhetoric of people like Stephen Sheehan and his organization Eugene Wake Up results in policy and action that permanently interrupts, irreversibly harms, traumatizes, and kills our most vulnerable neighbors!

This ignorant and hateful use of influence in our City mirrors the same dangerous rhetoric we hear from Trump! As your neighbors of this city we believe in the dignity of those living on the streets and reject all suggestions for more jails beds, more security and more broken windows policing!

We Demand Housing Not Handcuffs!
Harm Reduction Saves Lives!
Poverty is not a crime!

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