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Apr 2, 17

Events and Resources for the Week Of Solidarity Against Repression

From April 1st to 7th, actions, informational events, film screenings, and benefits will all take place across so-called North America and beyond. The purpose of the week of action is simple: to come together and push back against a wave of repression that has been growing in the United States and accelerated by the coming to power of the Trump administration.

Since Trump has come into office, we have seen over 200 people face felony charges in Washington DC after being kettled on J20, over 100 are threatened with charges in Sacramento for taking part in an antifascist demonstration there last June, and over 800 water protectors face charges from a grand jury convened at Standing Rock. Meanwhile, several states have also been trying to push through a set of laws which would further criminalize protest and make it easier for protesters to be fined, face greater charges, and in some cases, even be killed if they block roadways.

This wave of repression cannot also be divorced from the deadly acts of terror being carried out by the far-Right. As Trump supporters attack counter-demonstrators in Huntington Beach while chanting the name of the fascist dictator ‘Pinochet,’ mosques, black churches, LGBTQI centers, and synagogues are attacked, burned, and shot at, and members of the Alt-Right murder people in the street.

Now is the time to come together, discuss how we can support each other, and continue forward on the path ahead. Now is the time to make our friends across the country know that we have their backs. Now is the time to remember that in the face of everything, we as a movement support each other, we back each other up, and we all know that an injury to one of us, is an injury to all of us.

We don’t forgive, and we don’t forget. 

Fire to the prisons!
Drop the charges and fucking free them all!

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Contribute here or email us at: info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org

Week of Solidarity Resources


List of Places to Send Money or Donate Online

Posters for Wheatpasting:

Week of Action‘ Posters
Solidarity With J-20 Arrestees‘ Poster
Uncompromising Solidarity with Rebels Facing Repression‘ Poster

How to Drop Banners Guide

‘The Frontlines Are Everywhere Tour’

Films to Show at Events: 

No More Presidents: Protesting the Trump Inauguration
Killing the Black Snake: Behind the Scenes of the #NoDAPL Struggle
Interview with Hex of the IWW/GDC Who Survived Being Shot by Alt-Right Milo Supporter in Seattle

Materials for Printing:

The New State Repression
Tilted Scales: The Criminal Legal System for Radicals
Repress This!: Way to Be Your Own Anti-Repression Committee
The Other Side of COIN: Counter-Insurgency and Community Policing
Join the Resistance: Ideas for Fighting Trump and Becoming Ungovernable

Diary of Actions

  • Berkeley, CA: Banner dropped against repression and CHP. Report here.
  • Sacramento, CA: Graffiti slogans written against repression. Report here.
  • Binghamton, NY: Wheatpasting of solidarity posters. Report here.
  • Denver, CO: Graffiti messages in solidarity. Report here.
  • Seattle, WA: A rally is held on the UW campus in solidarity with comrade Hex, an IWW and GDC member who was shot by an alt-right Milo supporter on January 20th. Several fascists show up, a confrontation ensues, and one person is de-arrested from the hands of the police.
  • Minneapolis, MN: A rally is held in solidarity with Hex in Seattle and against the rising tide of fascism.
  • Bay Area, CA: A punk/hip hip DJ benefit raises hundreds of dollars for those facing repression.
  • Washington DC: Trump golf course vandalized in solidarity with those facing repression. Communique here.
  • LA County, CA: Graffiti slogans written in solidarity with those facing repression. Report here.
  • Savannah, GA: Tabling at events, and karaoke benefit event for those facing repression.
  • ZAD, France: Banner and statement released from the autonomous zone of the ZAD (Zone to Defend) in France, in solidarity with water protectors. Read report here.

  • Philadelphia, PA: Banner dropped in solidarity with those facing repression. Photo here.
  • Bloomfield, CO: Banner dropped in solidarity with those facing repression. Report here.
  • Albany, NY: Poster pasted up in solidarity with those facing repression. Report here.
  • Philadelphia, PA: Poster pasted up in solidarity. Report here.
  • Minneapolis, MN: Banner placed up in community, flyers distributed. Report here.
  • Richmond, VA: Rally held in solidarity with those facing repression. Report here.
  • Richmond, VA: Banners placed up throughout the community. Report here.
  • Durham, NC: Benefit event raises hundreds. Report here.
  • Washington, DC: Local police raid an organizers home looking for materials related to the J20 mobilization. Call is put out for material support. Report here.
  • Thessaloniki, Greece: Rally held in solidarity with Standing Rock by group fighting a mining project. Report here.
  • Eureka, CA: Posters pasted in solidarity with those facing repression. Report here.
  • Modesto, CA: Film showing and discussion on #NoDAPL struggle at Standing Rock.
  • Portland, OR: Banner drop in solidarity with week of action.
  • New Orleans, LA: Banner drop in solidarity with week of action. Report here.
  • Frankfurt, Germany: Rally in solidarity with Standing Rock. Report here.

Week of Solidarity Events

April 1st: Brooklyn, NY: Punk/metal benefit for J20 arrestees. Social media event here.

April 1st: Durham, NC: ‘Black Masquerade’ benefit for J20 arrestees. Social media event here.

April 2nd: Asheville, NC: In support of the Week of Solidarity Against Repression Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross will be hosting a political prisoner letter writing night at Firestorm Books and Coffee. We will be highlighting cases of folks such as Red Fawn Fallis who have been swept up in the recent wave of repression as well as long term political prisoners who are still in need of support. Join us if you can. Donations of envelopes, stamps, and money will be graciously accepted. The event will begin at 6pm at Firestorm Books and Coffee located at: 610 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC

April 2nd: Durham, NC: Film showing of ‘Killing the Black Snake.’

April 3rd: Richmond, Virginia: In an effort to support the call for a week of solidarity against state repression, we wanted to put together a last minute, small, but hopefully noisey demo to show our support for our folks here in Richmond and beyond facing state repression right now! Social media event here.

April 4th: Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, Cloquet, MN: ‘The Frontlines Are Everywhere’ Tour. Social media event here.

April 5th: Washington DC: Letter writing night. Social media event here.

April 5th: Philadelphia, PA: Film showing. Info here.

April 6th: Oakland, CA: Letter writing and dinner event. Social media event here.

April 7th: Denver, CO: Benefit show and art auction. Social media event here.

Minneapolis, MN: People in Minneapolis are doing five events – yes five events. Putting you all to shame – shame! They will be hosting ‘The Frontlines Are Everywhere’ Tour, a film screening of the new SubMedia show Trouble, a game night for anarchist prison Michael Kimble, a prison letter writing night, and a J20 benefit events.

April 8th: Four Winds American Indian Council, Denver, CO: ‘The Frontlines are Everywhere’ Tour. Social media event here.

April 8th: Philadelphia, PA: Book and bake sale for J20 arrestees. More info here.

April 8th: Washington, DC: Antifa Unmasked Community event. Social media event here.

April 10th: Houston, TX: Film screening. Social media event here. “For this week of solidarity against repression and in support of arrestees and others targeted for resisting fascism and the current regime, ABC will be hosting a film screening and potluck. Through screening the documentary “Welcome to Leith” (2015), which chronicles to attempted takeover of a small North Dakota town by white supremacists, we hope to give context to current struggles against fascism and white supremacy and what is at stake.”

April 13th: Sandpoint, Idaho: Evans Brothers Coffee in Sandpoint Idaho, Thursday, 6:00 pm, Film Showing of Requiem for the American Dream: Extended interview with Noam Chomsky and Killing the Black Snake: Behind the #NODAPL Struggle. “While there have been a number of groups that have done great work in this area namely Wild Idaho Rising Tide and the group of lawyers who bankrupted the Aryan Nations in the 90’s, there is a serious lack of anarchist culture and resistance. That’s why the new collective RADAR has been formed and we will be putting on a Radical Movie Night! The hope is that this will be a bi-weekly event and through it we will further anarchist analysis and debate and that this will lead to action. If you live in the inland northwest and are reading this then you know how deplorable the situation is and RADAR hopes to bring us together to not only challenge the pervasive right wing in the area, but also liberal passiveness.”

April 20th: Bloomington, IN: Dance party benefit for J20 arrestees. Social media event here.

April 22nd: College Park, Maryland: Benefit show for J20 arrestees. Social media event here.

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