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Feb 11, 16

Ex-Worker Podcast #46: Critical Look at Keystone XL ‘Victory’

From CrimethInc.

What do anarchists around the world think is in store for the new year? In Episode 45, we began our 2015 year in review, focusing on the US. In this episode, we share reflections on developments in 2015 and from anarchists in Chile, Finland, Brazil, Korea, Colombia, Czech Republic, and Rojava. There are also discussions about developments in fascism and anti-fascism, with reports from the UK and Australia, and an analysis by Gulf Coast anarchists of the environmental movement’s supposed “victory” over the Keystone XL pipeline in November. On the Chopping Block, we review the latest issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the journal of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, on the theme of “Justice.” Long term black liberation political prisoner Herman Bell discusses his upcoming parole hearing, and we share plenty of news, including some reflection on a new round of revolts in Tunisia, plus prisoner birthdays, events, listener feedback, and more.

You can download this and all of our previous episodes online. You can also subscribe in iTunes here or just add the feed URL to your podcast player of choice. Rate us on iTunes and let us know what you think, or send us an email to [email protected]. You can also call us 24 hours a day at 202–59-NOWRK, that is, 202–596–6975.

Show Notes & Links

  • Download MP3 (116 Min; 50MB), Download OGG (56MB)
  • Full Episode Transcript
  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:01}
    • The Hot Wire {1:51}
    • Listener Feedback {11:16}
    • Anti-Fascism in the US, UK and Australia {12:07}
    • The Keystone XL Pipeline “Victory” {21:47}
    • International “Year in Review” Reflections: Chile {34:01}
    • International “Year in Review” Reflections: Finland {48:10}
    • International “Year in Review” Reflections: Brazil {55:04}
    • International “Year in Review” Reflections: Korea {1:09:14}
    • International “Year in Review” Reflections: Czech Republic {1:18:35}
    • International “Year in Review” Reflections: Colombia {1:24:52}
    • International “Year in Review” Reflections: Rojava {1:28:27}
    • The Chopping Block: “Perspectives on Anarchist Theory” Review {1:37:33}
    • Next Week’s News {1:44:42}
    • Political Prisoner Herman Bell Update {1:47:27}
    • Prisoner Birthdays {1:54:04}
    • Conclusion {1:54:52}
  • On the Chopping Block, we reviewed the latest issue (Number 28, on “Justice”) of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the journal published by theInstitute for Anarchist Studies. You can order it through AK Press; you can also find them on Facebook, though you know how we feel about that.
  • Our friends at the North American anarchist news website It’s Going Downhave announced plans to produce a print magazine! Check out their Kickstarter page if you want to show them some support.
  • Former Black Panther and long term political prisoner Herman Bell is up for parole in February. Please check out this info from his support site about how to help with his parole hearing, including an online petition.
  • Here’s Glenn Greenwald’s editorial critiquing the notion that internet encryption is responsible for the Paris terror attacks by the Islamic State.
  • The report we shared on Rojava came to us from a group of anarchists and internationalists from Central Europe working for liberation in Kurdistan. If you’re interested in reading more, CrimethInc. previously published a longer interview piece from this group titled “From Germany to Bakur: European Anarchists on the Kurdish Struggle”.
  • To learn more about the Guarani resistance in the state of São Paulo, mentioned in the report on 2015 resistance in Brazil, visit
  • Our friends who reported on the so-called “victory” over the Keystone XL pipeline sent links to some of the ongoing ecological resistance happening along the Gulf Coast, including folks fighting a massive 42″ LNG export pipeline whose route from West Texas to Mexico cuts through Big Bend National Park – visit Defend Big Bend and the Big Bend Conservation Alliance; and the environmental justice group in Mobile, AL called MEJACthat is fighting an oil storage tank farm that would directly impact the historic community of Africa Town.
  • In terms of ecological resistance coming up this year, there’s the Prison Ecology Project’s gathering coming up June 11–13 in the Washington D.C. area, focused on building around the intersection of incarceration and the environment. There’s also a struggle brewing against a new federal prison slated to be built on a former mountaintop removal site in Eastern Kentucky. And the Earth First! Winter Organizer’s Conference is taking place February 10th–15th on Chumash territory outside Santa Barbara, California.
  • Please take a moment to support Jared “Jay” Chase of the NATO 3! You can attend his court date on February 18th in Chicago, follow his case onTwitter, Facebook, or the NATO 3 support page. You can also write to Jay at:Jared Chase M44710
    P.O. Box 99
    Pontiac, IL 61764Here’s an announcement from supporters about the court date:
    Pack the court for Jay Chase
    Thursday, February 18, 9 AM
    Cook County Criminal Courthouse
    2600 S California Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60623

    The presiding Judge had a sick day on 2.3 so Jared “Jay” Chase now has a pre-trial hearing on February 18th at 26th and California in Room 303. He is being targeted by the same prosecutor (Anita Alvarez) he faced during the NATO 3 trial for alleged assault charges pinned on him by guards while he awaited trial for two years back in 2012–2014. These same guards were allowed to testify against him during the NATO 3 sentencing in a somewhat successful attempt to bring a harsher sentence and now they will likely testify against him in this case… This trial is not just about a few extra years being tacked on to his current sentence which is coming to an end in May. The State has made it very clear through this obviously vindictive prosecution that they want to ensure Jay lives out his days in their cage.

    Please be there and show the State that we stand with Jay and let Jay know that we have not forgotten him or his struggle. He needs our love and support as he stands in defiance of this ongoing persecution.

  • Upcoming prisoner birthdays:Veronza Bowers, Jr. 35316–136
    USP Atlanta
    Post Office Box 150160
    Atlanta, Georgia 30315
    {February 4th}Kamau Sadiki (Freddie Hilton) #0001150688
    Augusta State Medical Prison, Building 13A–2 E7
    3001 Gordon Highway
    Grovetown, Georgia 30813
    Address envelope to Freddie Hilton, address card to Kamau
    {February 19th}

    Shaka Cinque (Albert Woodfox) #72148
    West Feliciana Parish Detention Center
    Post Office Box 2727
    St. Francisville, Louisiana 70775
    Address envelope to Albert Woodfox, address card to Shaka
    {February 19th}

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