Facing the Disaster: Looking Back on a Year of Autonomous Relief


This is the first episode of the It’s Going Down podcast looking back on 2018 and anarchist and autonomous activity on a large scale. In this specific episode, we talk with several people involved in both the organization, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (MADR), as well as those who have been involved in key autonomous relief efforts across the US over the course of the year.

During our discussion, we look back on 2018 and discuss lessons learned in terms of how people are organizing themselves in order to increase capacity, building a culture that is centered around rejecting flakes and being upfront our our abilities, and a look towards building into the future, and challenges that this represents, as the crisis of climate change continues to deepen.

This discussion cuts to the heart of what we experienced throughout 2018. Both an amazing high of how far our networks were able to go and achieve, but also the stark reminder of coming up against limited capacity. This activity also forces us to acknowledge how intersected our struggles are, as these disasters bring up the already deep ceded problems and trauma brought on by centuries of colonialism, white supremacy, and industrial capitalism. Moreover, we look at ways in which autonomous efforts can push back against everything from the State, to non-profits, to the far-Right, who also are trying to play a role in disaster situations.

More Info: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and MADR tour video presentation.

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