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Mar 22, 17

Fascists at the Capitol: The Untold Story of Denver’s “March 4 Trump”

A short time ago, Chump supporters infected the internet calling for a “March 4 Trump” to take place on March 4th. Considering their president has proven to be completely fucking pathetic, they felt compelled to make him feel better. Interesting fact: the whole idea of doing an action on March 4th (Get it? “March forth”) is actually a concept radical leftists thought of years ago in the context of worker solidarity. Despite our desire to call them out for being total posers, a gaggle of squawking Trumpets wouldn’t know any of this. Lately, we’ve been dumbfounded at the idiotic shit these people will actually believe. Provide the most basic evidence or research on any given topic and they’re guaranteed to offer a factless, baseless, clueless conspiracy theory compiled entirely from FAKE NEWS! We’re actually enjoying the show on this one, especially the George Soros stuff, or their sad attempts at inflating their numbers because Trump didn’t think 200 was very impressive.  Maybe an extra 1300 fake Trump supporters who never showed up will make him appreciate you!

The antifascist movement made a call to disrupt and confront these fashy picnics. Even though the “march” was intended for your run of the mill Trump supporter, neo-Nazis from The Daily Stormer decided this was the perfect opportunity for them to go “full fash.” They were accompanied by other racist groups, including Soldiers of Odin and Bikers Against Radical Islam.

Cindi Weller Turchik, took the lead roll in organizing the Denver “march.” Obviously it was no march at all, much to the chagrin of the participants. Cindi is as bland as any other Trump supporter, and apparently was supportive of known Nazis attending her rally, as long as they weren’t “disruptive.” Obviously, we disagreed vehemently: In no reality that we exist in are Nazis going to fly their colors unopposed in public. So we decided to forward the call-out to Denver Action Network, a signal boost for various activist collectives in Denver: Mask up, wear all black! No Nazis on our streets!

Thomas James Simon

At around 10:00 a.m., antifascists who’d answered the call began to gather at Civic Center Park, squaring off a couple blocks away but in open view of the “March” 4 Chump. We continued to gain numbers over the next half hour while the cops took their time lining up in front of the Trump supporters. While we waited to confront the psuedo-march, a dipshit identified as Thomas James Simon began to antagonize our group by shoving his phone in faces and lunging towards us with his skateboard. An antifascist promptly introduced his phone to the pavement, effectively ending his career as a “street journalist”. He again tried to hit us with his skateboard, but backtracked rather quickly after getting beat with flagpoles and kneed in the head. Honestly, what did he think was going to happen? A DPD bicycle squad rolled up as we took off towards the Capitol steps to go toe-to-toe with the Trump rally, leaving the scene before they could do shit about this loser’s assbeating.

Denver’s largest black bloc in years chanted loud as we marched across Lincoln Park and up to the police line on Capitol grounds. Cops had already caution-taped a border and threatened protestors with arrest, but we were undeterred and their police tape came down not once, but twice. Up above, all the way on top of the hill, behind three lines of cops, stood a mob of cowards. About half the Trump crowd turned to face us rather than their scheduled speakers. Ha! They tried to talk shit as we continued chanting over them. Eventually, Chump supporters started chanting back with “Antifa, HAHAHA.” They seemed to think this would offend us but not only were Trump supporters disrupting their own rally, later we claimed the chant as our own as we burned US and Trump flags alike. Thanks, y’all, think we’ll be keeping that one. But wait, it gets better, the scheduled speakers not only lost attention from much of the crowd, they now had to speak over yelling on both sides, as Trump supporters began screaming over bullhorns and blasting a Trump speech over a loud speaker in an unsuccessful attempt to be louder. The best part: they failed to realize they were standing much closer to the scheduled speakers, ultimately doing more to ruin their own rally than drown us out.

Anyways, our readers are probably more concerned with the fascist and racist groups who were in attendance than the incoherent actions of their relatives who only seem to exist when they make embarassing interjections on their facebooks.  As we’ve mentioned, these groups include Denver’s “Daily Stormer Book Club,” Soldiers of Odin, and Bikers and Radical Islam.  For the rest of this article we’ll cover those groups, as well as a couple individuals who made fools of themselves (such as the internet’s Dork Try-Hard Man, Ivan Throne).

Daily Stormer Book Club

The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi “news” site and forum, founded and operated by Andrew Anglin.  Andrew and the Daily Stormer received national attention this winter when he claimed he was going to host a march “Against the Jews” in the tiny town of Whitefish Montana (home of famed Nazi and human punching-bag Richard Spencer). The march never happened, but the publicity did elevate the Daily Stormer from an ignored corner of the internet to the typical lefty’s shitlist.

Locally, Nazis from the Daily Stormer Forum’s “Denver Book Club” had been discussing their intentions on attending the rally, but apparently a hundred Antifa (hahaha) were enough to dissuade them from going “full fash.” A few still went in their “civic nationalist”/crypto-fascist uniform, but a Nazi looks like a Nazi in any disguise.

Joshua Alexander Yeakel

This fucker in the striped shirt is Joshua Alexander Yeakel.  On the Daily Stormer’s forums he goes by K.R.Kroenen,  a reference to a Nazi character in the comic series Hellboy. He was recently pretending to be a better known Denver area Nazi, Shane “Choppy” McCampbell, on the Daily Stormer messageboard in order to goad local antifascists into fucking Choppy up. At the rally, he brought attention to himself when he decided to flip off Unicorn Riot’s cameraman and throw up some “Roman salutes”, prompting said cameraman to walk over and get a real nice headshot.

Turns out that Joshua used to be involved in the occupy movement and Denver’s squatting scene, but after a recent 4-month stay in jail decided to convert to neo-Nazi ideology.  We’ve heard that he “changes belief-systems like he’s changing clothes,” but Nazism is low even for a spineless fuck like Josh. Yet, he somehow managed to get even lower by attacking old friends who once helped him though his heroin addiction.  (What a piece of shit, right?)

After the “march,” he began enacting his “plan to destroy the radical left” in Denver by posting the names of public reporters and the address of a house that hosts “food not bombs,” a group that makes free food for the community. Real easy to use transphobic and racist slurs when you think you’re anonymous, huh Josh?

Why do these nazi dipshits even try? We find them every time. Every one of them thinks they’re smarter than those who came before. We suspected he wasn’t actually Choppy from the start (and were easily able to confirm that he wasn’t), because unlike him, we were actually keeping track of Choppy.  However, we would like to thank Josh, because the prospect that Choppy might come made it easy to galvanize the community to turn up against the March 4 Trump.  Thanks for the help you fucking moron!

Josh Yeakel info:

Facebook (deleted):
Myspace (LOL):
Stormer Profile:

This is another Daily Stormer who attended the March 4 Trump with his pal Josh. Here he can be seen wearing a shirt with Thor’s hammer, a popular symbol amongst fascists. His username on the Daily Stormer is BarbarossaUSA.  On his youtube channel of the same name, he can be seen posting comments that show support for president Trump and the anti-immigrant group Soldiers of Odin, as well as the typical racist bullshit you’d expect from someone on a neo-Nazi message board.  In one post he mentions that he’s catholic, so we can infer that the “Thor’s hammer” image on his shirt is meant to convey a white supremacist message, and not an affirmation of his neo-pagan faith. On a related note, we want to give credit where it’s due and applaud this kid for sticking to his faith in God despite looking like a child’s attempt at drawing a person born on the moon with their non-dominant hand. Everyone in the antifa crowd kept saying “do you see that ugly ass guy with the Thor’s hammer shirt?”  I’m surprised the guy from Unicorn Riot managed to be that close without throwing up in his mouth. You’re a regular job, and your faith in God despite being unbearable to look at is an inspiration to us all.  (Oh by the way Jesus was Jewish you idiot.)

Speaking of fashy assholes, here’s what we know about another Daily Stormer, SurfingRobot, aka Nick Staley:

Nick Staley info:

Name: Nicolas Staley
Stormer Profile:
Steam (I wonder if he likes Nazi Zombies? Why don’t you ask him):
Minecraft…? (badass Nazi amirite?):
Work: Ale House on 16th and Central on Friday and Saturday Nights (possibly not up to date). Has formerly worked at Mod Market in Broomfield, and Pierre Michel French Bakery in Highlands Ranch. The book club has also met at the Mod Market in Broomfield.

Bikers Against Radical Islam

A group of bikers who claim to be a “protest group” stood in a line at the top of the hill. They took turns taunting antifascists from such a distance that honestly, we have no idea what the fuck they were saying. At one point a cop walked up to them and they huddled together like they were devising a real game plan. All of us noticed and readied ourselves to go toe-to-toe. Nothing came of it. They didn’t do shit, go figure. Don’t ask why we gave the benefit of the doubt to a cop-loving group of biker chumps.

In the end, maybe their scheming amounted to the two times that BARI members drove by us on their bikes. How tough! As one of them passed, someone in our crowd blasted them with a makeshift confetti-bomb made from a torn-up Trump sign. The biker pulled over and bucked up to someone he blindly assumed threw it, but Denver PD’s gang unit swarmed in to break it up before a crew of antifascists could beat him down. Someone overheard the police radios say “one of them threw confetti at a biker, but we can’t figure out which, they’re all wearing masks!” Masks! *gasp* Likewise, we have no idea who it was, but we commend their boldness. For those who still don’t understand how black bloc is applied as a tactic, this is precisely it.

They get their BARI (Bikers Against Radical Islam) gear from Fukt Shirts, a company run by Todd N. Babette, a fellow member of BARI who even endorses them on his company’s website.

We suspect Bikers Against Radical Islam will likely be around in the future, wanting to stick it to antifascists by showing us how much they love the government. In turn, we’ll make sure to keep rolling our eyes and laughing in their faces.

Soldiers of Odin

This is Jamie Nelson, president of Soldiers of Odin Colorado Division, accompanied by her ugly ass husband Edward Nelson, vice president for the organization. (Where the fuck was Hal Eugene Halvorson?) Jamie and Edward have been trying hard to move forward with this seemingly defunct Soldiers of Odin division.

The founder of Soldiers of Odin, Mika Ranta, was convicted for a racially motivated assault in Finland where he broke the victim’s hand. He also has connections to the Scandanavian neo-Nazi movement. Vocativ reports that a member of SOO in the USA, Jacob Laskey, “was convicted of a federal hate crime in 2006 for an attack on an Oregon synagogue” The article goes on to explain, “Several of SOO’s U.S. members are also part of other racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Movement, which is the country’s premier band of neo-Nazis.” Indeed, Edward’s “homeboys” include Nazis that ripped off their shirts to show swastika and 88 tattoos whilst being kicked out of a Subhumans show here in Denver.

These dweebs were standing off a distance, attempting to provoke antifascists but all in all, remain as irrelevant as the totality of their pointless lives. Wanna know more about the heinous shit these fuckheads have been up to in Colorado? Check out our separate write up on these losers (to be published soon).


There were plenty of III%ers amidst the Trump crowd, but one loud mouth stood out from the rest. Wearing a tactical vest and army pants, he repeatedly pointed at antifascists while talking into his walkie-talkie, often pulling down his shirt to show us some shitty illegible tattoo whilst yelling profanities. It’s easy to talk shit from behind three rows of cops, we guess. At one point he started pointing at a minor and grabbing his crotch repeatedly. Sick fuck.

Ivan Throne

Lastly, the butt end of all of our jokes, Ivan Throne, also known as the “Dark Triad Man.” What the fuck does that mean? It’s some sort of weird ubermensch “philosophy” that combines “psychopathy, Machavellianism, and narcissism.” Honestly it’s hard to talk about Ivan without throwing up a little bit.

Ivan calls Donald Chump a “dark triad man” and refers to him as “the God Emperor.” In addition to having wet dreams about Trump, Ivan has a huge crush on Richard Spencer, constantly begging for his attention on social media but never getting it. Why are we talking about Ivan then? It primarily has to do with his constant threats to the left, his claiming “I’m more Nazi than Richard Spencer,” and the fact that he made a website entitled “Violent Solutions” that is basically an Antifa snitch platform. When we say snitch, we mean SNITCH! This website does not threaten violence of any kind, it’s simply Ivan attempting to compile and send information about Antifa to the FBI. Like many things he says or does, it contradicts the hyper-masculinity he’s constantly boasting about.

Ivan (like all Trump supporters) thought he had a good idea. He walked into a crowd of antifascist protestors with his phone out in an attempt to film us for his only two friends to see online. Flags covered his video feed immediately, and just like Thomas, his phone was smacked out of his hands, hitting the concrete with a satisfying crunch. As he picked up the pieces of his phone, a fist landed cleanly into his face. With a crowd of protesters starting to surround him, he backed up into the police line and asked the cops if he could hide behind them. They hilariously told him no because he had gotten himself into that mess. He snatched one of the flags in his face and handed it to a cop across the police tape, but the frustrated pig immediately gave it back to the antifascists. At some point the cops realized he was about to get his teeth knocked out so they grabbed him out of the crowd, forcing him to vacate the premises and head to his car. Don’t worry Ivan, we’ll see you again.

What a day. Fascists from every group we expected were in attendance. It was a long few hours of them hiding behind cops while we clenched our fists under layers of black clothing on an unusually hot day in March. Big thanks to the Denver Anarchist Black Cross for offering to do jail support, but fortunately it wasn’t needed. We’d also like to thank all those who make the Denver Action Network possible. Their platform appeals to a much wider audience than we’re able to reach with our blog alone. We couldn’t have done it without them. Cheers! We intend to win.

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