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May 23, 18

FBI Conducting Doors Knocks in Southeast Michigan

The following short statement on FBI harassment comes from the 1st of May Anarchist Alliance. If you are approached by the FBI, refer them to a lawyer. Brush up on what to do with more info, here.

It has been confirmed by multiple sources including the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) that at least 2 people have been visited by the FBI in southeast Michigan. What we know is:

-1 person was not home and referred the FBI to their lawyer
-1 person was asked about several names and organizations
-It seemed the questioning was related to antifascist organizing

They have no formal charges.

We would remind people not to talk to the FBI. They are trained to get you talking about unimportant things and then see how you react when they change the subject. If they try to contact you, refer them to your lawyer. They have questions? Tell them to submit them in writing to your lawyer. Don’t talk to them and let others know they tried to visit you.

This is a time to stay calm. It is not a surprise that authorities are targeting people who are organizing for a different future. It is a time to make sure your communications are as secure as possible while still being able to organize.

The FBI wants you to be paranoid. That is the best reason to try not to be. Trust your people, trust each other and communicate on what you hear and see.

We don’t want people to freak out, we want people informed. We will share more info as we get it.

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We are a new organization with its members having a much longer history of collaboration, in some instances reaching back to the 1980’s through an array of revolutionary anarchist organizing. With the creation of M1 we move from the informal affinity to being an established organizational presence; fully engaged with the broader anarchist, revolutionary and social movements.

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