February 10th-11th: Call-In Campaign to Support Yuba County Jail Hunger Strike


Today, people detained by ICE at Yuba County Jail started a hunger strike to protest the terrible conditions that they are suffering. The detainees are asking allies on the outside to call the jail administration to pressure them to address the hunger strikers’ demands.

Please call the jail today or tomorrow (February 10-11), 530-749-7740 and Sheriff Anderson at 530-749-7777, to give the following message:

“Hello, my name is ________ from _______, and I’m calling to support the hunger striking detainees at Yuba County Jail. They are suffering from poor healthcare, unsanitary and punitive conditions, inadequate fresh air and exercise, and 19 to 23 hour lockdowns. We are calling on the administration to meet the hunger strikers’ demands. Thank you.” Calls and emails to local elected officials will help put the pressure on! Please reach out to these officials:Jail Commander Garza: agarza@co.yuba.ca.us

Yuba County Supervisors: (530) 749-7510

Chair Leahy: mleahy@co.yuba.ca.us

Vice Chair Lofton: dlofton@co.yuba.ca.us

ICE San Francisco Regional Office: (415)844-5512

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