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Aug 10, 17

Letter from Mexican Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas

Received by the Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico on August 2.

Dear compañerxs:

Even with the weight of things and with the worry and despair, today I find myself content with the power of warcries that reverberate within the stone walls. A prisoner at war should not be waved like a flag, and for that very reason, despite the strength of my individual will, I have to accept that I need those cries in order to get out of this stifling routine.

Strength for a prisoner who remains at war inside the prison comes mainly from feeling like one is part of a permanent extension of revolt. I have to admit that in these years I have perceived nothing but apathy, perhaps a product of fatigue and impotence in knowing that we are few who in reality are seeking something better. It is not bad to be afraid, but we must admit that there is almost no communication. We should not distance ourselves, it is sad to remember to a compañera only when she finds herself on the brink of danger or when complicated situations arise.

This is a brief message that has only the intention to incite reflection over what we consider “support” or “to fight against the prison.”

Even with all of this, we must always remain strong in the fight to reclaim our own lives and to extend all the contradictions that bring us together in this war that has been openly declared to society and to those who do not agree with the way of life they try to impose on us.

I’ll also use this opportunity to share that the hearing* will be on August 10 at 10am in the first penal room. I thank you for your shows of solidarity and ask that pressure continue regarding this ruling as it’s important to not leave aside alternatives to getting out of this place.

With much strength and love
Your compañero
Fernando B.

* Refers to the hearing regarding his appeal for early release.

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