This article about a wave of sabotage to fiber optic cables is two years old and reblogged from the Earth First! JournalRecently however, Alt-Right trolls behind the fake account @OfficialAntifa, have tweeted this link out in an effort to connect it to ‘antifa.’ This was then picked up by the neo-Nazi twitter account of /pol/, the 4chan messageboard. Then, it was ‘reported’ on by the Gateway Pundit, an Alt-Lite pro-Trump blog. These idiots keep falling over themselves in a rush to reblog the others bullshit. 

Saboteurs have snipped another fibre optic cable line in the San Francisco Bay area this week, the 12th incident of its kind in the region over the past year.

The latest attack occurred in the San Joaquin Valley town of Stockton, disrupting Internet, mobile phone, and 911 service for tens of thousands of AT&T and Verizon customers in three counties east of San Francisco. Service was restored about a day after the Tuesday incident.

The FBI, which is investigating the attacks, has not stated a motive, but it said the attacks usually occur in remote areas where there are no surveillance cameras. The initial attacks on California telecommunications lines began in July 2014. As of yet the campaign of attacks have continued with no one being arrested.

AT&T said in a statement that the damage occurred to “1,200 feet of a fibre run that required 192 pairs of fiber to be re-fused. That’s a ton of capacity. So this was a major trunk and 1,200 feet of it was damaged.”

The cable is about as thick as a finger and is encased in a hard, flexible conduit. The FBI said that whoever is responsible may appear as telecom maintenance workers or “possess tools consistent with that job role.”

Since February the FBI has also been investigating the Arizona sabotage without any arrests as well.

People across northern Arizona couldn’t use the Internet, their mobiles or landlines for several hours Wednesday after someone cut a fibre-optic line that brings communications to a large part of the state.

Capitalists couldn’t process credit card transactions, ATMs didn’t function, cops databases were unavailable, and even weather reports were affected in an area stretching from north of Phoenix to Flagstaff, about 100 miles away.

There was no estimate available on how many people were affected.

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