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Jan 25, 21

Final Straw: The Security State, Far Right and Media Post-January 6th

Long-running anarchist radio and podcast show The Final Straw speaks with antifascist researcher Spencer Sunshine about the fall-out from January 6th and CrimethInc. and It’s Going Down about the limits and dangers of social media. Support The Final Straw on Patreon here.

Spencer Sunshine on Antifascist Analysis of January 6th Fallout

First up, anti-fascist researcher Spencer Sunshine talks about the aftermath of the January 6th putsch attempt in DC, mainstream media and Democrat narratives of concerning domestic terrorism, reporting of participation of law enforcement and military in the riot, anti-fascist research, what the stepping down of Trump has meant for his radicalized base and Spencer’s thoughts on claims of rehabilitation by former White Nationalists like Matthew Heimbach. There was a good article published by IGD on the state’s response to January 6th and what it can mean to anti-repression activists here. Also, a great place to keep up on what’s going on in the far right in the so-called US, check out IGD’s “This Week In Fascism” column, soon to be a podcast.

CrimethInc. and ItsGoingDown.Org on Social Media

Then, you’ll hear the main host from the ItsGoingDown.Org Podcast and a comrade from CrimethInc (both affiliates of the Channel Zero Network) talking about implications for anarchists and antifascists of the silencing of far right platforms and accounts and how similar moves have silenced the anti-authoritarian left. We talk about perspectives the media may have missed around “deplatforming” by tech giants like Patreon, Facebook and Twitter and how easily the normalization of ejecting non-mainstream narratives follows the trail of profit and power, and the importance of building our own platforms and infrastructure.

photo: Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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