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Aug 20, 15

Fires Burn After St. Louis Police Kill Again

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

At least 9 people were arrested after St. Louis police shot and killed an African-American man, ,  who was fleeing police while they attempted to serve a search warrant in the northern party of the city. In the wake of the killing, crowds poured into the street, where they were met with military police tanks and tear-gas. People cursed the police, burned American flags, erected barricades, and chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

This latest killing happens on the one-year anniversary of the St. Louis police killing of Kajieme Powell, 25, who was killed by police on August 19th, 2014, only 10 days after Mike Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson in Ferguson.

After the shooting, people poured into the streets as police responded with military tanks and later tear-gas and projectiles.

In response, barricades were set on fire in the street.

People later set fire to a vacant building and a car.



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