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Sep 21, 22

PG&E Contractors “Sent Packing” by Forest Defenders in Humboldt Redwoods

Report on recent forest defense actions in Humboldt region against PG&E contractors. Originally posted to Redwood Forest Defense.

photo: Redwood Forest Defense

Today more chainsaw toting PG&E contractors were sent packing by forest defenders, in a series of work shut downs within state parks in recent weeks that’s have had a stifling effect on PG&Es operation in the parks.

“Today we stopped what would have been a devastating removal of an iconic large redwood tree which was selected for removal because it has a cave,” said Rain, who has been patrolling every week since the beginning of Sept.

“When we arrived at the site the arborists had their gear ready and were looking at trees to be cut that day. We walked up and told them we were going to prevent them from working.”

In several other instances defenders patrolling the parks have occupied the “drop zone” space around trees that are targeted by PG&E for trimming, topping or removal. Safety standards do not allow for cutting with people in the drop zone. This has happened within Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Avenue of the Giants and Grizzly Creek State Park.

These stalwarts are continuing the largely successful struggle from last fall and winter against PG&Es “enhanced vegetation management,” aka EVM, in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. EVM came with permission from the state to cut many more trees along power lines than was formerly allowed. Some power line workers have insisted to the defenders that there will be no EVM operations in the state parks. The land defenders say they are committed to protecting this rare forest habitat and stopping all vegetation removal in the parks until PG&E promises to stop trying to remove large trees and shows evidence that they will not be engaging in EVM this year or next.

The defenders are seeking support, financially and on the ground. They also encourage others to defend trees from PG&E and can provide information on how to do it on both public and private land.

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