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March 31

Free Jennifer “BabyGirl” Gann!

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California Governor Jerry Brown has the power to free our political prisoners. There’s a campaign to free Jennifer Gann, affectionately known as “BabyGirl”! We are asking that you contact Gov. Brown here.

Jennifer Gann is a trans woman and anarchist prison rebel who has been held captive since 1990. While serving a seven year sentence for robbery, she became politicized during the 1991 Folsom Prison Food Strike and survived more than a decade of torture in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay SHU. She was convicted of the non-violent prison offenses and given multiple 25 year-to-life sentences under the “Three Strikes” law, but now qualifies for a sentence reduction under California’s Proposition 36 and early release under the newly enacted Prop. 57, which Governor Grown supported. 

From Jennifer Gann:

Dear Family, Friends & Comrades,

National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) has agreed to join my legal defense team, to provide technical consulting and research assistance with respect to post-conviction motions, appeals sentence modifications, and clemency/pardon applications at a reduced rate! They have an excellent track record and unequaled expertise in criminal defense for the past 28 years, which will help offset the government abuse of power!

NLPA will provide a complete and comprehensive case evaluation which will help me and my attorney put together a “game plan” for fighting my conviction and/or sentence. This case evaluation will include: personalized case research concerning the issues that apply, a factual statement of my case, an evaluation of sentencing guidelines, a summary of procedural sentencing defects, possible ineffective assistance of counsel, and a complete review of the entire transcript of legal proceedings in my case. This would address not only court action available in attempting to reduce my time or overturn my conviction, but would also address alternative remedies that may be available such as: Expunging/Sealing/Overturning prior convictions, Pardon/Clemency applications, New Rules of Evidence that may be available for out of time situations, etc.

The evaluation fee $2,950 and is able to be paid on an installment plan with a down payment of at least $1,000.

This is where I need your help! Currently, I only have $300 saved and I need at least $1,000 for the down payment on NLPA legal consulting fee. Donations of any amount are appreciated and can be sent to my online legal fundraiser, by cashier’s check, or money order(marked “for Jennifer Gann”) sent to:

National Legal Professional Associates
Margaret A. Robinson Advocacy Center
11802 Corney Rd., Ste. 150
Cincinnati, OH 45249

With California’s newly passed Prop 57 and my appeal still pending, time is of the essence! Thank you for your support and Solidarity!

– Jennifer ♡

Write to Jennifer:

J. Gann E-23852
S.V.S.P. D3-1250
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960

To join the Babygirl support crew’s list on Riseup or get more involved in support efforts send an email to:
[email protected]
or [email protected]

To download a support flyer for spreading the word go here

For more information on Jennifer Gann go to:
https://babygirlgann.noblogs.org or https://betweenthebars.org/blogs/490


Banner Dropped in Oakland, California for Jan 22 Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity

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