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Apr 17, 20

From Southern Strategy to Ruling Power: Chip Berlet on Trumpism & the far-Right in 2020

photo from @sjdemas

Chip Berlet is our guest on this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, and is a long time author, journalist, and activist who has just published their new book, Trumping Democracy: From Reagan to the Alt-Right. For decades, Berlet has written about and tracked the far-Right, conspiracy theories, and racist groups, reporting on them in the media and writing a wide variety of books, all aimed at the general public and those involved in social movements.

On today’s episode, we discuss the historical origins of Trumpism, both as a by-product of the campaigns of Barry Goldwater and George Wallace, but also out of the same interests which backed the Tea Party explosion in the late 2000s. Berlet argues that this current represented the creation of a New Right, which was equals part grassroots movement, elite think-tank, and the creation of wealthy donors.

Next, we discuss where both the Trump administration is at in 2020, along with its connection to far-Right movements. We discuss how both could possibly move within the current coronavirus crisis and what a possible electoral success or failure might means for the hard-Right post-2020.

With far-Right groups on the streets pushing for a return to “business as usual” in the middle of the pandemic and organizing large rallies, it’s important for us to once again analyze and understand these movements as we build alternatives and resistance to them.

More Info: Collection of Chip Berlet essays, IGD interview with Leonard Zeskind, documentary on George WallaceHow the Southern Strategy Made Trump Possible.

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