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Nov 14, 18

Sammamish, WA: GAB Host’s Neighborhood Flyered By Antifascists

The following anonymous report was originally posted to Puget Sound Anarchists.

Earlier this weekend we paid a visit to the neighborhood of Robert Monster, head of, the company that recently decided to pick up hosting for GAB. For those who don’t know, Gab is a favored platform for white supremacists, white nationalists, unaffiliated racists, and a general fascist milieu. You can find the likes of Patrick Little and Jack Corbin regularly spewing vile hate speech, attacking marginalized groups and doxxing antifascists.

Gab lost it’s domain when it was found that the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter was a regular user of it’s services. Then in steps Rob Monster, the uber-wealthy white man giving praise to Gabs founder and offering to host the failing company. He brought a platform for hate not only back into the media spotlight but back from economic ruin and he should be held accountable.

People like Monster should not be able to move through the world unknown, their complicity in white supremacy must be made known. So we anonymously distributed flyers to his Sammamish, WA neighborhood that gave examples of the kind of vile content that can be found on gab and making it known that someone in their community was responsible for such a platform existing.

It was a small and easy thing we did in solidarity with the week of action on this 80th anniversary of kristallnacht. Our love and solidarity goes out to all survivors of right wing violence and to those we have lost.

For a future without fascists and the state that creates them.

For anti-fascism and anarchy.

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