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August 9

Grassroots Campaigns Office Closed in Retaliation for Strike, Union Staff calls for Day of Action

In response to continued job action from IWW members, Grassroots Campaigns has again closed its office in retaliation. Wobblies are gearing up for a day of action tomorrow.

SEATTLE – Nationwide fundraising company Grassroots Campaigns on August 1st announced to the Seattle office’s union representative their intentions to permanently close the Seattle office. The Industrial Workers of the World Industrial Union 650 believes this action is direct retaliation for protected union action and intimidation of other offices organizing union drives. They are calling for a National Day of Action in support on August 10.

The office closure by Grassroots Campaigns is only the latest in a months-long campaign of anti-union activity. The union canvassers have been fighting lockouts, intimidation, harassment, surveillance, firings, an unspoken hiring freeze, and other unfair labor practices since their March 9 election.

“This action by Grassroots Campaigns is blatant strong-arming and intimidation of other union campaigns,” said an IWW IU 650 member. “It’s a sad day when our crucial work supporting Doctors Without Borders and others dedicating their lives to the cause of justice is halted by our management for asserting our own rights.”

The office closure announcement came just three days after the union held a three-day Unfair Labor Practice Strike in protest of numerous Grassroots practices being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board. A national day of action supporting the strike saw retaliatory firings of fundraisers around the country.

“IU 650 exists to defend folks who risk their lives for progressive values on the street corners of American cities. This job is hard enough without being terrorized by their employers. The response against the organizing effort has shocked me,” said another IWW IU 650 member.

The National Day of Action is scheduled for Friday, August 10. The Seattle workers are asking the public to call into the national office at (617) 338-7800 to express solidarity with Grassroots workers and demand the Seattle office be reopened.

Employees of Grassroots and members of the union are available for comment: please contact the IU 650 media liaison at 708-278-6437 or [email protected] to arrange for interviews.

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Seattle IWW

Seattle branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

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