Halfway There: Help Pressure NC Prison to Grant Medical Exam to Akeem Paige


Call-in campaign to get Akeem Paige a medical exam in North Carolina.

Several months ago, Akeem Paige, a radical prisoner then at Bertie CI in Windsor, NC, was referred to us (Floodgates Prison Newsletter editorial crew) by several others on the inside to ask for help getting medical attention.

He said:

I have been having health complications that I have been requesting the medical staff here at Bertie Correctional to help me with since 3/28/17, when I first made a complaint about sharp rectum and groin pain, along with bleeding in my rectum. I was seen by nurse staff but never properly examined by x-ray, and continue having pains in my rectum, groin, abdomen, side, and back…

Now my health is at a very, very low point and don’t know if I will make it. I truly believe that I may have colon cancer, and that it has spread throughout my lower and larger intestines, but could have been prevented id the staff here at Bertie got me a proper exam. Now I feel that my days may be numbered due to medical neglect and processed food that the state forces us to eat. I would like the world to hear my voice and to always stand up for what’s right, and to keep fighting because these oppressors are killing us off daily around the world. Black lives matter / save a life! Dare to struggle, Dare to Win.

Thanks in part to people around the country calling in to Bertie CI, the administration finally allowed Akeem to visit a real doctor, and schedule a colon exam. The first doctor visit discovered a prostate infection for which Akeem is now (finally) receiving antibiotics; however, he has been transferred to a new facility, and is concerned that without more attention he will not receive his upcoming colon exam.


PLEASE take a minute today to call in to the administration at Scotland CI at (910) 844-3078 to request that:

“Akeem Paige still be given his colon exam, and all appropriate follow-up treatment” and that you are “paying attention to any instance of medical neglect or mistreatment.”

Thanks for everybody’s support up until now; attention and call-ins about this are probably the only or main reason that Akeem has received any treatment, after over a year of serious neglect. Building relationships with prisoners and standing up for each other on both sides of the wall is how we survive and become powerful enough to tear these walls down. Let’s keep up the pressure!

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