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Jul 20, 15

Help Former Prisoners Get to Upcoming ABC Conference

UntitledAnarchist Black Cross Conference

We need help raising money to cover travel costs, such as plane tickets, for former political prisoners and prisoners of war to attend this year’s North American Anarchist Black Cross conference.  The conference will involve a panel presentation by some of the former prisoners, as well as a weekend full of workshops, discussions, networking, and strategizing.  It is essential that we include prisoners in the conference, but the challenges of incarceration and state violence, including felony records, etc, make it harder for former prisoners to get there. Any donation helps. Thanks for your support!

You can see last year’s former prisoner panel here:


By making a donation, you can get the following items:

$10 –> ELF patches
$20  –> anarchist poster or zine:
Prison Round Trip by Klaus Viehmann, and preface by Bill Dunne
The Prison Industrial Complex by Eve Goldberg and Linda Evans
$30 –>  T-shirt:  Eric McDavid or Eric King*
$40 –> book:
Eat! Think! Act! (vegan cookbook)
Conspiracy to Riot (RNC 8)
Hurt by Kristian Williams
This Country Must Change from arissa
Between Torture and Resistance by Oscar Lopez Rivera
The Real Cost of Prisons Comix from The Real Cost of Prisons Project
The Struggle Within – Prisons, Political Prisoners, and mass movements in the United States
by Dan Berger
Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind – Concrete Ways to Support Families in Social Justice
Movements and Communities by Victoria Law and China Martens
From the Bottom of the Heap by Robert Hillary King
Love and Struggle by David Gilbert
Resistance Behind Bars – The Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law
Outrage – An Anarchist Memoir of the Penal Colony by Clement Duval
The Last of the Hippies – An Hysterical Romance by Penny Rimbaud
Sisters of the Revolution – A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology, edited by Ann and Jeff
Maroon the Implacable by Russell Maroon Shoatz
Low Bite by Sin Soracco
Vision of Abolition: From Critical Resistance To a New Way of Life
The Camden 28 – A Film by Anthony Giacchino

*Eric King shirts are still in the process of being printed

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