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Oct 11, 18

Help IGD: Antifa Sticker Design Contest

As we gear up to launch a winter fundraiser for the end of the year, we realize that we are out of stock of our most popular item: antifascist and antiracist stickers!

For over a year, our antifa sticker pack has been our most popular item on our online store, and across the world people have ordered slaps to put up around their town, city, villages, and regions. The stickers have encouraged a working-class, anti-racist culture, while also giving people something to put up in place of neo-Nazi, Alt-Right, and white supremacist trash.

We’re looking to print a new line of full color stickers with brand new designs, but we need your help! Send us your art work, your favorite slogans or photos, or anything else you’d like to see printed out in the thousands and distributed all over the world. We’re looking for stickers that are in general:

  • Pro-working class, pro-community self-defense, anti-racist, antifascist, anti-colonial, anti-borders, anti-patriarchy, anti-ICE/deportation, anti-transphobia.
  • Use lots of colors!
  • Has catchy, funny, and inventive slogans!

Winners get free packs of stickers! So, if you have ideas, artwork, photos, slogans, and more? Send them to us at:

info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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It’s Going Down is a digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.

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