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Aug 19, 17

Help Louisville ARA Cover Medical Expenses from Charlottesville

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Louisville Anti-Racist Action has been working for over a year to resist white power in this region of the country. In order to continue our work and support one of our own who was hurt in Charlottesville, we need help.

Thanks to community support, Louisville ARA has been able to continue our work dismantling white supremacist networks . We have been able to organize against racist bigots in Louisville,KY; Pikeville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Madison, IN; Graham, NC; and most recently in Charlottesville, VA.

One of our own members was injured in Charlottesville, VA when an James Field Jr., of Vanguard America,  a white supremacist group attending the Unite the Right rally, drove his Dodge Charger into a crowd of protesters, killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others. Our member is unable to work due to their physical injuries, and needs both income support as well as assistance with daily tasks.

Our facebook page continues to get taken down because of the anti-fascist work we do and we need to build a website in order to keep people informed and to continue to distribute the information that keeps our communities safe.

We are working in conjunction with another group to organize for the upcoming fascist rally in Lexington (date, tba.) We need to purchase more defensive gear, as well as make multiple trips to organize with folks there.

It is your support that ensures our ability to continue to dismantle white power networks. Identifying white supremacists in Louisville and in other cities helps keep communities safe and can prevent them from having the income to do the hateful work they are trying to do.

We are asking for your support during a time when so many people are realizing that the fight against white supremacy is real and can be extremely dangerous. We aren’t the only ones. There are still victims who need help with medical bills, income support, and travel expenses for what will no doubt be a case that victims who survived will need to testify for.

We strongly encourage folks to select “anonymous donation” when donating. We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to message the Louisville ARA page to let us know you support us!


The following is a list of crowdfunding accounts that you can donate to. All of them were either integral to the organizing of the anti-fascist side of the demonstration, or people who were injured/killed there.

Family funds for Heather Heyer:

ASH Medical funds:

Richmond Medic Collective Funds:

ASH General:

Seven Hills Autonomous Queers gen funds

Alexis Noelle and her 14-year-old daughter:

Natalie Romero:

Dre Harris:

Star Peterson:

Two UVA students:

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media? donate?

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