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Sep 1, 15

“Here are the children of Ricardo Flores Magon!:” Insurrections Against the Election in Mexico

From Contra-Info 

IGD Note: What follows is chronology of actions that took place during “Black June,” an anarchist initiative that was carried out during a much broader anti-electoral campaign across Mexico. These actions grew in intensity on June 7th, during the Mexican election. During clashes across Mexico which anarchists participated in, police killed, beat, and savagely attacked people. The revolts across Mexico against the election shows the degree in which support for the government is failing and how much people are willing to fight back. We have not translated the entire piece which appears before the chronology minus the below selection. If you are fluent in Spanish and want to help us out, drop us a line

It is necessary to rethink our daily, individual, collective actions and our projectuality, understand the complex whole in what we are mixed up in, but what comes next? The need to propose new methods, tactics and strategies for the insurrectionary actions in the social war is the problem that we are always involved in, “The only way to internationalize the struggle for true independence and freedom is knowing the different local realities.”

Chronology of Actions in Black June and Electoral Boycott

March 27th: Incendiary attack against the offices of the National Electoral Institute in Puebla.

April 9th: A group of about 20 irreducible burning barricades placed at the College of Sciences and Humanities Atzcapozalco Federal District, placing blankets and burning tires in the streets.

April 30th: A group of about 20 comrades place barricades at the Faculty of Studies Acatlán, Mexico City, clashing with police for about 20 minutes.

May 1st: A group of 15 anarchists set fire to the headquarters of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the city of Oaxaca, in solidarity with prisoners and Black June.

May 21st: A group of about 20 comrades place barricades at the College of Sciences and Humanities campus Vallejo, Mexico City, clashing with police for more than 10 minutes.

May 21st: Unknown group detonates explosive device in Tamaulipas on the premises of the National Electoral Institute and the offices of the Federal Police.

May 22nd: Graffiti slogans written in tribute to the fallen warrior in combat Mauricio Morales Duarte and Black June.

June 1st: In a coordinated action, anarchists detonated three explosive-incendiary devices in the city of Puebla. On the premises of the National Electoral Institute, the Ministry of Economy, and metro-bus station “University.”

June 1st: Anarchists burn office of Secretary of Social Development in Xalapa Veracruz. Leaving a pinta, “Down with capitalist development, Black June.”

June 1st: a group of more than 30 hooligans set fire to offices of the National Electoral Institute Veracruz in Xalapa, in broad daylight .

June 3rd: A group of 20 libertarians set up barricades at the intersection of City University in the city of Oaxaca, in solidarity with the prisoners and with the Black June. Expropriating trucks of multinational companies and attacking a bank Serfin .

June 6th: a group of companions set off an explosive device in the Department of Rural and Urban Agricultural Development, in solidarity with the prisoners and with the Black June.

June 7th: Chiapas

In Tuxtla Gutierrez, Tapachula and San Cristobal de las Casas, people attacked the state headquarters of INE also took and gave away gasoline from stations as part of their actions.


Oaxaca City: A group of 50 anarchists commander buses, burned ballot boxes and polling stations with the enraged people in the city of Oaxaca. As the boycott and struggle sharpens, the conflict arises and there are several villages, settlements and neighborhoods that face directly off against the police and the military.

Huajuapam Of Leon: In a confrontation lasting over 6 hours, the village manages to defeat the military force and the police state, making the boycott effective.

Huautla Jimenez: Residents install barricades over a kilometer, shouting, “Here are children of Ricardo Flores Magon!,” and, “Long Live autonomy!” They prevent the passage of the military and police. The electoral boycott is achieved.

Teotitlan Flores Magon: The people set up roadblocks and manages to run out the police and military making the boycott is effective .

Pinotepa National: The burning ballot boxes. The boycott is effective.

Juchitan Of Zaragoza: The people burned the ballots and the ballot box, shots are fired at the state police and the military. Boycott becomes effective, police search homes and arrested more than 10 people .

Alvaro Obregon: The people along with fellow libertarians placed barricades at the entrances and prevent the passage of the polls, faced with paramlitares there are 8 gunshot wounds, 2 seriously.


Tixtla: Villagers face state police in a confrontation over 3 hours, the boycott is effective.

Tlapa Comonfort: Villagers confronted the police most of the day, at night police enter the town where refugees are in a church and Antonio Vivar, young fighter is shot and killed by the federal police.

Chilpancingo: People turn out propaganda in an attempt to electoral boycott.

We counted more than 50 outbreaks of insurrection on June 7 as part of the electoral boycott, where communities, neighborhoods and mainly from the state of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero and Veracruz were those who dared to challenge the state showing its muscle through the police, military and paramilitary.

Consequences of the small insurrectionary period: In a coordinated action early on June 5 between the bastards and murderers states of Puebla and Veracruz it happens; In Puebla 5 Youth are detained, wanted on suspicion for bombings. In Xalapa 8 youth are beaten and tortured by a paramilitary commando in cooperation with state police and civil force. In Tlapa de Comonfort, Antonio Diaz Vivar receives 2 bullets from the federal police.

This is the beginning of something new, of the possibility of building new forms of horizontal relationships, creating something new that goes beyond ourselves, something solid that starts with the coordinating objectives, and that despite the different trends in the scene, we can articulate to the ongoing conflict in the anarchic, communal and collective insurrection.

That and more!

Make all months black!

Death to the state and long, very long live, anarchy!

From the land of José Luis Tlehuatlie

August 31 Territory occupied by the Mexican State

Read full text of original Spanish version here.

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