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Aug 2, 16

Holman Prison Has Errupted Against, Prisoners Take Over Dorm

From Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) 
and It’s Going Down 

Inmates at Holman in Alabama took over a dorm on August 1st, setting fires, and initially resisting the CERT team which was brought in to suppress the uprising. At this time, it remains unclear if the revolt has been completely put down, or if it is continuing. Mainstream media reports that guards have restored order but rebels on the inside have yet to describe the entire scene.

The revolt began when several prisoners and at least 1 CO were injured in an altercation which lead to this most recent riot. As the altercation moved from fight to riot, a barricade was set up as the Cert Team arrived. The barricade was put in place in the C Dorm, which houses 114 prisoners. Power and water were shut off after the dorm was taken and the entire prison was put on lockdown. According to media reports, the revolt began around 3pm and last for about 6 hours, when CERT team officers entered back into the dorm without incident. As stated prior, it remains to be seen if this was, or is, the actual case.

Prisoners through various channels with outside anarchist rebels and members of support organizations are calling for news of this resistance to be spread. This is only the most recent in a series of rebellions at the prison, and it will not be the last! Those outside the prison walls are encouraged to get in touch with prisoners and get organized to support them.

In March of this year, the facility erupted in several rounds of riots and the stabbing of the warden, as inmates set fire to guard towers and took over dorm areas. The riots took place over the period of several days and brought a spotlight to the horrible conditions in the facility and also the growing radical movement of prisoners to organize against their conditions, which includes groups such as the Free Alabama Movement (FAM).

This latest riot also occurs against a backdrop of the fast approaching general strike of prisoners across the US on September 9th. On that day, prisoners have stated that they will strike against prison slavery; under the 13th Amendment, prisoners can legally be worked for free or next to nothing. This unpaid work generates massive profits for multi-national corporations and the US government and military. Prisoners are vowing to shut down prison facilities and refuse to work, as support organizations on the outside have vowed to act in solidarity.

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Atlanta, GA chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross.

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