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Sep 20, 17

In Honor of Scout: Support Rebellion at Georgia Tech

On the night of September 16th, Scout Schultz, a 21 year old queer activist and anti-fascist, was murdered by police on Georgia Tech campus. In their honor, hundreds gathered for a vigil at Georgia Tech before marching to the police headquarters on campus. There, clashes between attendees and campus police broke out. In the midst of these clashes, a police SUV was torched, multiple police officers were injured, and three arrests were made.

The arrestees are now facing trumped up felony charges, some of which carry a minimum of multiple years in prison. This atrocious act by the police and administration is an obvious attack on the self-organization of students and queer partisans in the city: the arrests and charges function as a tool to divide students by spreading fear as well as to purge the “outside agitators,” i.e. Scouts friends and loved ones, from the movement.

If you want to get involved, here’s how:

  • Donate money here.
  • If you’re not able to make it to Atlanta, organize in solidarity on your local university campus, a park downtown, or in the privacy of your neighborhood punk house.

The United States is fraying at the seams. Though even as we witness the death of people we care about, between the anti-police struggles of Black Lives Matter, the undocumented struggles against ICE terror, various pipeline struggles all over the country, anti-fascist resistance, and so many other movements, a different conception of life is growing.

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