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Sep 24, 16

Houston: Whites Lives Matter Exposed as Neo-Nazi Front; to Protest ADL October 1st

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On October 1st, White Lives Matter, a Neo-Nazi group with ties to the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), will hold another demonstration, most likely again with arms, at the Anti-Defamation League in Houston from 11 AM to 4 PM, located at 4635 Southwest Fwy, Houston, Texas 77027. View facebook event here.

Several weeks ago, White Lives Matter held a protest in front of another empty building on a Saturday at the NAACP office which is detailed in this report here. The Neo-Nazis were protected by the police and divided from the residents of the 3rd Ward, largely African-American, by metal barricades. They held signs which said, “14 words,” a reference to David Lane, a member of the Neo-Nazi terrorist group, The Order. This demonstration was proceeded by several similar protests in Dallas, and represents an escalation of organizing by Neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

Looking through the collection of people that are organizing and attending the rally, we clearly see that those promoting the event in Houston on October 1st are members of the Neo-Nazi movement. These fascists offer nothing to anyone; be they white, black, or brown. They promote an authoritarian dictatorship based around racist visions of biology, and are willing to use extreme violence to create a fascist “ethno-state.”

Already in attendance to the event on the 1st are members of other organizations, such as the National Socialist Movement and the Traditionalist Worker Party, two groups that have pushed to form the Aryan Nationalist Alliance, a confederation of white power groups that includes racist skinheads such as the Aryan Terror Brigade. The NSM itself is one of the largest Neo-Nazi groups in the US and openly flies swastika flags and the TWP is attempting to mainstream these ideas through Trump’s campaign and with openly working with the Patriot and militia movements.

White Lives Matter also comes out of an online based group called the Aryan Renaissance Society, which is a Facebook forum that is used by many of the people that you will see below. ARS is very upfront about their Neo-Nazi ideals, while WLM is not. Like most far-Right forums, its features people posting swastikas and memes, and also pictures from their actions. Many ARS/WLM members are also active in an online group called ADL Exposed, which features anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and white supremacist ideology. One thing is clear: White Lives Matter is not a group without ideology our outside organizational direction, but a front for Neo-Nazism.



People in Texas need to build up a solid defense from these Neo-Nazis, as they are building for a larger mobilization later in the year in support of Blue Lives Matter. While it is clear that their organization is a front for the larger Neo-Nazi movement, their message of supporting the police in the face of black resistance finds resonance in the reactionary wing of the white working-class.

Let’s build counter power and create a counter-movement to stop these racists and fascists in their tracks.

Neo-Nazis and Fascists Involved in White Lives Matter Houston:

Doug Chism:


Stan Thomas


Aimee Wyatt


Ken Reed


Agilbert Heinrich


BJ Faulk



Hanging out at Neo-Nazi gathering with members of NSM.

Andrew Reich


Carrying an AR during NAACP protest.


Andrew’s Neo-Nazi buddies at Aryan Renaissance Society (ARS).

Kristoffer Odinsson



Wearing membership shirt of Traditional Worker Party, a Neo-Nazi group.

Ricky Steevers


Tyler TenBrink


Jennifer Dupuy


Maire Basile


Damon Lagrone


Melissa Martin


Chris Rhyne


Sporting ‘White Pride’ tattoo with white supremacist symbol.

Michael Wayne Simmons


Richard Louis


Ray Barnum


Jennifer Stanfield


Christopher Huffman




Randy Smith
Grand Prairie, Texas


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