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Oct 16, 16

Everything You Need To Know About the Nazi Anti-Immigrant Rally in SF and How to Shut It Down

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Update!: On Monday, October 17th, Identity Evropa briefly appeared at the Ferry Building and SF State in San Francisco after announcing about two hours before their live-stream began that they would rally at SF State. But as one report wrote:

Identity Evropa members were BRIEFLY on location at San Francisco State University and the Ferry Building handing out leaflets. According to witnesses they ran at the first sign of opposition and their leaflets at SFSU were found in trash cans on site.

They are claiming this was an intentional flash mob.

We say they’re a bunch of cowards who run at the first sign of anyone who doesn’t look just like them.

We do know for a fact one of them either attends or works at SFSU as they were able to reserve Malcolm X Plaza today.

As opposition built on the campus, the handful of IE members quickly retreated to the pier off the Embarcadero where they conducted a literally 20 minute rally that had about 8-10 people, some coming from as far away as Michigan, interacted with no one but a white cabbie who flipped them off, and then packed it up. Meanwhile in Turlock, CA, at CSU Stanislaus State where IE leader Nathan Damigo is a student, flyers were distributed and a banner was dropped. A report and photos here.


The Event is Being Organized by ‘Identity Evropa’

Identity Evropa is a fascist, white nationalist, and white ‘identitarian’ group headed by Nathan Damigo, who is currently a resident of Oakdale, CA (near Modesto) and is a Social Studies major at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, CA. The group he leads is more sweater-vest and slacks than bald heads and swastikas, but the politics over all are the same and IE has connections to a wide variety of white power groups and formations across the US. As one recent article wrote on the group:

[Identity Evropa’s] ideological orientation [is] “civic nationalism” [and] “race realism,” the notion that whites have higher average IQ’s and a smaller propensity for crime than blacks. While Damigo notes that they have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to gay members, he said that bi-racial and transgendered people would be turned away.

They preach the creation of an all white ethno-state organized around fascist and authoritarian lines on the North American continent. They also contend that anyone that opposes them, such as anti-fascists, anarchists, and Leftists of all stripes, are in fact the defenders of global capitalism, or, the world-wide “Jewish”  (as Damigo stated: “Jewish intellectualism has been very harmful to European people”) run system.

Their worldview also pushes them to defend and support all attempts at fighting attacks on white supremacy in the current terrain, and thus support the candidacy of Donald Trump and attack San Francisco’s sanctuary city status for migrant people. In short, it’s the fascists that fight to uphold the status-quo, not those that seek to destroy fascism. As Damigo said on a reddit discussion:

If Trump becomes president and keeps to his word, we may have a chance to save the country (albeit still a very small one) if we can continue to move the goalposts in our direction.

If Hillary becomes president, she will undoubtably grant amnesty and dump millions more immigrants across the country. Human nature will take it’s course, and balkanization will become an inevitability.

The worst possible thing we could do at this moment would be to retreat to the countryside. We must infiltrate the institutions and gain as much power as possible. One day, we may need to call upon you.

At the core of Identity Evropa’s beliefs, is a ‘scientific’ viewing of race and biology that sees people of different races and non-males as having different abilities and levels of intelligence and that moreover, some races are more predetermined to crime or lack the ability to “build civilizations,” unlike whites. To let Damigo speak for himself:

Ethnic and racial or religious diversity can actually wreak havoc on a social system, and cause tons of problems,” Damigo said. “I do believe that there are differences between human populations … [T]he distribution of genes that affect behavior and intelligence are already known to not be equally distributed between all populations.

This view of race leads to an overall picture of a struggle between people of different backgrounds, where each race battles the other for resources and land. The best way to end this struggle, contends the fascists, is the creation of an ethno-state for each race. These ideas are “backed up” by groups such as the National Policy Institute (NPI), headed by Richard Spencer, a close friend of Damigo’s, and reoccurring publications and conferences such as American Renaissance headed by Jared Taylor, also a spokes person for the Council for Conservative Citizens (also known as the ‘uptown Klan’ and who influenced white nationalist serial killer Dylann Roof), which Damigo attends. As Damigo wrote:

Heritability of traits such as skull shape, bone structure, and tissue composition made the knowledge that races (subspecies) existed impossible to dismiss. We did not need genetic “proof” to know that a grey hound and a dachshund were different races of canine. It was phenotypically observable to the naked eye.

In short, for the scientific Nazis such as Damgio and Spencer, biology down to the genes backs up their fascism; and the horrible things they will have to do to get there. As Spencer wrote:

A century and a half ago, Alexander Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederate States of America, was faced with the prospect of the victory or annihilation of his nation and fledgling state in what is now referred to as the American Civil War.

In his greatest address, “The Cornerstone of the Confederacy,” he did not speak (mendaciously) about “states rights” or any kind of Constitutional legality. He instead cut to the heart of the social order he was opposing. He stressed that the Confederacy was based on the conclusion that Thomas Jefferson was wrong; the “cornerstone” of the new state was the “physical, philosophical, and moral truth” of human inequality.

Ours, too, should be a declaration of difference and distance—”We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created unequal.” In the wake of the old world, this will be our proposition.

He goes on to conclude in a ‘Final Solution’ in another article:

Today, in the public imagination, ‘ethnic-cleansing’ has been associated with civil war and mass murder (understandably so).  But this need not be the case.

Identity Evropa is Led By Nathan Damigo who Spent Time in Prison for a Racial Attack and Who Used to Lead the Neo-Nazi National Youth Front

Nathan Damigo is a former marine who after returning from Iraq pulled a gun on a cap driver who’s racial background offended him. For this racially motivated attack, Damigo spent several years in prison but when he was released from prison, he went right into far-Right organizing as the head of a Neo-Nazi youth group.


Damigo’s face helped promote the National Youth Front after Damigo was released from prison.

Heading the National Youth Front, the youth-wing of the American Freedom Party (AFP), Damigo was (literally) the face of the movement after the original leader received death threats for a multi-racial relationship and the head of the AFP was removed as a Trump delegate after his politics came out into the open. As the NYF crashed, Damgio went on to form IE, taking with him some of the NYF Neo-Nazi cadre with him, such as “John Hess” from Phoenix, who has a well documented history of Nazi activityDamigo describes this transition:

Identity Evropa was founded in March of 2016. It was born through the remnants of a previous attempt to create a network of people interested in fighting for our future. A small collective remained together after our decision to scuttle the project, which we felt lacked the “it” factor and was in need of rebranding with a new vision.

Identity Evropa Isn’t Giving Away the Exact Location of Their Rally, But Will Announce on Their Livestream at 3pm

IE isn’t saying there their rally will happen; other than that it will happen in San Francisco. They say they will go live at 3pm (Pacific Time) with a livestream of their rally, and in theory, will give away their location. People are encouraged to watch social media at that time and be ready to move in San Francisco.


Nathan Damigo is livestreamed by Red Ice Radio at UC Berkeley. Neo-Nazi ‘John Hess’ from Phoenix stands to his direct right, as other supporters surround him.

It is guessed that IE will choose a public location, such as Civic Center by City Hall (remember that IE is out to protest a policy of the city government), or on a college campus that they recently have put up flyers at, such as CSU SF or UCSF. People are being encouraged to have a group ready and to watch social media for more information.

The Event is Being Livestreamed by a Berkeley Resident Through Red Ice Radio

The rally will be livestreamed by Johnny Ramondetta, a member of IBEW Local 6 in San Francisco and a resident of Berkeley, CA. Ramondetta was a Trump supporter that attended the Trump rally in Burlingame near San Francisco earlier this year, and several days later, was seen livestreaming a rally organized by Damigo and Richard Spencer at UC Berkeley. Ramondetta is the host of a Neo-Nazi podcast called the Current Year Tonight, (going by the name, Johnny Monoxide) which is part of the infamous ‘Right Stuff‘ radio network, which features a host of racist and Nazi podcasts.


Ramondetta’s podcast is promoted on Red Ice Radio complete with anti-Semitic imagery. Notice how the Jews are showed to control both social movements like Black Lives Matter as well as institutions like UC Berkeley.

Ramondetta will be livestreaming for Red Ice Radio, which is an international livestream, podcast, and media network which promotes Neo-Nazi, white nationalist, conspiracy theory, and anti-Semitic views. Most recently, Red Ice Radio conducted a livestream of the Nazi skinhead rally that was organized at the State Capitol in Sacramento while providing commentary.

This is the Second Major Event Organized by Identity Evropa and Red Ice Radio in the Bay Area

In May of this year, Identity Evropa and Red Ice Radio organized a rally at UC Berkeley that was announced only a day in advance at Sproul Plaza on the campus. With about 20 white nationalists attending and about 5 people livestreaming, the group handed out flyers, and using language from activist circles attempted to “create a safe space to talk about race,” from a white supremacist perspective. The group then engaged students in debate about race and creation of an all white enthno-fascist state and recorded their interactions for a wide audience.

The UC Berkeley Rally Was The Kick Off Event to Identity Evropa Outreach Across the US

After the UC Berkeley rally, Nathan Damigo worked hard to grow Identity Evropa to one of the fastest growing white nationalist and fascist groups in the US. Nathan went on road trips to various campuses and also shipped out posters and stickers to his supporters. Soon, campuses and Downtown areas across the US had Identity Evropa propaganda in public places and schools. In Berkeley and San Francisco, along with other bay area and Northern California cities, posters and stickers have routinely been put up.

In short, in giving the fascists an inch, people have opened the door to white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and fascists to openly organize and recruit in California, and the bay area in particular. As Nathan discusses here, from IE’s beginnings online that then moved into posters and stickers; this was all just the start of building a fascist and white supremacist movement. The point is to take space and normalize these ideas within the public:

We need to think about this information war in spatial terms: when we occupy space, we occupy minds. The more spaces we occupy, the more people will think about our ideas – whether they want to or not.

The Growth of IE Activity In the Bay Area Happened Against a Backdrop of Racist and Neo-Nazi Attacks

As IE posters and stickers were popping up across the bay area, white power, Neo-Nazi, KKK, and white nationalist actions, organizing, and violent attacks grew in Northern California and across the world. In the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco, KKK members have been posting up flyers and openly recruiting. In Antioch, racists spray painted swastikas and racial slurs on someone’s home and even threw a molotov cocktail at the building in an attempt to burn it down. In Sacramento, Neo-Nazis organized a rally at the Capitol that left several seriously injured and dropped on gun and were seen carrying a second. Later, one of the Neo-Nazi stabbers even openly helped support the police by putting up ‘Blue Lives Matter‘ ribbons.


Neo-Nazi attack on Antioch, CA home in east bay.

IE is part of a push by the far-Right to get bigger and bolder and the more space we give them, the more violent their movement in turn becomes.

Identity Evropa Members Left Racist Messages on a College Campus and Harassed A College Dean For Having Black Children

In Lindsborg, Kansas, Gabriel Wilson of Identity Evropa admitted to the media that he left racially motivated hate graffiti on the sidewalks of the local university, such as “Make Lindsborg White Again.” Wilson is likewise strongly suspected in leaving threatening messages to the Dean of the college, who was targeted due to adopting black children into his family. Wilson also attempted to infiltrate and support the Libertarian Party, but was quickly dropped after he complained about someone’s rainbow pride bumper sticker and his racist ideals were pushed into the open.


Graffiti left on a Kansas campus by Identity Evropa member. Racist threatening calls to the dean of the campus, who has black children, soon followed.

In short, Identity Evropa is already showing what it plans to do after Nathan Damigo gains more members and influence: build a fascist force for white supremacy that attacks everyone that isn’t white and male.

People Can Get Organized to Shut Down Identity Evropa

It’s no coincidence that the rally is organized at 3pm in San Francisco, at the start of the work week and at the start of rush hour, in order to avoid any sort of mass organized resistance.

At the same time, we already know that there are several places where IE will probably show up. We also know that they are protesting a policy of San Francisco’s government, which means they may very well be at City Hall.

We also know that at 3pm tomorrow, people are probably going to know where IE is holding their rally by watching the livestream. At 3pm, if you and your friends hear where IE is at, what can you pull off?

Moreover, there is already a call to put pressure on Damigo on his campus of CSU Stanislaus and people have been countering Identity Evropa’s posters campaign for months now by simply finding and destroying them. While you’re at it, put up some anti-fascist and anti-racist posters of your own!

Neo-Nazis, KKK members, and white nationalists of all stripes aren’t going to go away in the bay area anytime soon without a fight. We can’t laugh them away or ignore them. It’s up to us to draw and line in the sand and say not now, not ever.

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