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Members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), and factions of the Ku-Klux Klan (KKK), came together to participate in a joint rally under the banner of the ‘Nationalist Front,’ (formerly known as the Aryan Nationalist Alliance); a coming together of Neo-Nazis and KKK organizations. This is only the latest attempt by the far-Right to hold a large rally in the United States that has been met by swift and militant anti-fascist resistance and organizing. Over 200 anti-fascist militants answered the call to shut down the fascist rally, while the Neo-Nazis were only able to muster about 30-35 people.

Despite attempts by local “community leaders,” the Democratic Party, and non-profits to contain people’s anger and divert counter-protesters away from the capitol by holding a “unity event,” many arrived ready to physically engage the white supremacists and defend their communities. Due to the sheer size and militancy of the crowd the Nazis were completely drowned out and could not be heard by anyone. The white supremacists had to be protected from the angry crowd by a wall of riot police which far out numbered the fascists.

A more detailed report from local participants is coming soon but for now, here is a collected social media roundup:

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